Solarstorm L2 <NEW>

Not sure if this has been featured. One nice looking light that I may consider getting.

SolarStorm official
Aliexpress selling at $45 now

Solarstorm L2 2014 new LED flashlight
Dimensions:70mm(HD×140 mm(L)× 45mm(TD)
Weight:370g (Without battery)
Battery: 3/18650 rechargeable battery
Circuit: Digital CC circuit
Dimming: Electronic side switch
Mode: 3 modes, High/ Low/ Hidden strobe
Lumens:2800 lumen, customized-setting Low mode.
Runtime: (18650/ 2200mah) H2.3h - L (Max.)17h
Material:Aluminum alloy
Lens: Impact-resistant optical lens
Reflector: Metal reflector
Waterproof: IPX-8, unable to support dive use.
Head & Tail: Aluminium bezel ring, tailstanding.

seem like a cool design but XM-L T6? meh… :Sp

You don’t like T6-4C?

Looks like the Fanydyfire Warrior with 5x LEDs. And considering it’s priced barely more than what I paid for my Warrior, it’s got potential. But I’d wait and see as the L3 was seriously under-driven. Then again, if I could pick up a used L3, I’d really want one.

I wonder, are XM-Ls currently being produced? Or is this just old stock? Has to be some serious discounts to keep using yestertech, even if it works.

New light using an old LED.

Old LED sure but a beautiful tint…completely neutral and makes colors come alive!
My favorite tint…I believe they have XM-L2 U2-4C’s as well…because I have been ordering a few from FT

By the way, what is Digital CC?

digitally controlled constant current…probably a MCU driven regulator of some sort

pretty nice. one of my favorite lights but now with 5 emitters. but not sure, because now it has the bigger head.
i like the original warrior because it has the smaller head than the srk, but is brighter and further throwing.
this head now seems even bigger than a srk.

now just gotta wait for some one to test one of these.

Sorry to break the news. But there is no such thing according to Cree`s datasheets.

On top of that, I measured it, and it was no better than T6 4D. Only a tad worse. Nothing close to a U2 binned emitter. Reference. Do not trust FT.

The light looks good IMO. I also like the size. Similar reflector configuration as the 5XM-L yupard and all its siblings it seems. Hopefully this light does not have a hollow pill like the others.

This light seem to have same issue as the others due to what looks to be similar reflectors. The black stuff holding the reflectors in place are a tad too wide, stealing a bit of output. On top of that, the reflectors are placed too far out, so some of the lights hit the reflector, and you get more loss, on top of that expect some strange lines in the outer spill due to it. Its not a big deal, but I would have preferred to see a proper 5 XM-L reflector..

Hopefully someone will pull the trigger on it. Im tempted, but Ill wait for now.

Well poo

Ah well…got me 2 in…gonna reflow to copper sinkpads

This came out first instead…

KINFIRE KF-50S Cree XM-L T6 (non-aff) @$51.21 after less.

They use black parts with 3 legs or more. :bigsmile:

interested in this flashlight. seems SIMILAR to the solarstorm warrior with 3 cree led. what is theber in your opinion? this does have a BIGGER head with 5 led, instead 3 led on the warrior.

wich one throw at further distance?

no one?