SOLD - 1D Cut down Blue Maglite, XM-L T6, Stippled Reflector, 4AA holder

SOLD (in 30 seconds flat). I have a 1D Maglite for sale. I just finished this mod. It has an XM-L T6 in the 6000k range, with a 105C driver. It reads 3 amps at the tail cap with 4xAA Eneloops. Modes are High/Medium/Low and it is a real low, low. It has an Aluminum reflector that has been Stippled and a glass lens. The heat sink is Aluminum. The tail cap spring has been modded with the copper braid mod, to reduce resistance. It comes with a 4AA holder that has been modded with copper contacts. 4AA in series. NiMH batteries should be used in that holder. The switch is a replacement put in the stock location. It has a blue led ring in it, that turns on when the light turns on. The switch is off in the fully depressed position. Push and let up all the way, to turn it on. Then push till the first click and let off, to change modes. Depress fully again, to turn off.

Here's some photos:






Here's a link to Beam Shots. It now has the Stippled Reflector.

You could use a 26650 in this, but you would need a sleeve and you would need to cut the spring down. You could even use a "D" sized Li-ion, since the body has been bored for 4AA. That is up to you. I provide the 4AA holder and you can do as you wish, but it will take a Li-ion, as far as it has room to do so.


Price is $65 USD Shipped - CONUS and $80 USD Shipped - International.

First person posting "I'll take it", followed by a paypal payment and a PM to me with your full name and address, will get this light.

Questions? Ask Before you buy.

Thanks for looking


I'll take it!

Hell, why did I bother going to all that trouble posting, LOL.

You got it scaru.


Woot! I got it! I'll send paypal once I get to my computer.

I will now have a AAA light, a AA light, and a 1D/4AA light! :D My own version of the blues brother but with different colors. (Black, USA, Blue)

scaru, you know the next light I sell will have a NO scaru Allowed sign at the top. LaughingWink

You know I'm just playin wid ya.

Sorry about the delay in claiming it, the anti-spam measures held me up.

Now That’s Funny, Laughing

Awesome looking light!!! Great work!!!

I'll try to resist buying another, well that's what I say every time and then I see another must have light. :P

I was rather worried, I kept clicking the save post button and it would say wait 1 minute. I seriously expected someone else to have claimed it by then. ;)

Congrats scaru, a great looking light!

O-L, really nice touch with that switch, looks like it should have been an original component.

Paypal Sent! :D

Oooh, he’s got you hooked now. I can give you the location of a back alley gutter where all of us Old Lumen junkies hang out and dance with the 2700K elephants and commiserate justin how our lives hit rock bottom :cry:

Yeah, but I think I have all the OL lights I need now. ;) I swear his lights are addictive. :)

You say this now just wait till next week. lol

True, this will be my 2nd week in a row with an OL package. Now let's go for 3!

Been there, said that… Just wait until he slips you some Nichia high-CRI’s…

Already have 2! A mini-mag and a Saik-305. :D My collection of OL lights consists of Nichia 219 Flag Light, Saik 305 with 219, double solitaire, 3AAA XM-L light, 1D (in the mail), I feel like there is one more I'm forgetting but I'm not sure what it is. ;)


My precious...

Beautiful looking light! Congrats scaru!