SOLD: 3rd. GEN 2D Maglite - Modded driver


This is a stock 2D 3rd GEN Maglite that has a resistor mod done to the stock driver and a little mass added to the "pill". Otherwise it is stock. It's about as bright as the 3D version now, so about 600 lumens.

I also have added 2x - 3AA Battery holders, modified for parallel, so with the two of them, you can run AA Eneloops 2S/3P, for a little longer run time. The amp draw on high is now at 3.5 amps, with Eneloops.

Here's the original review of these lights.

Price is $55 Shipped CONUS, or $65 Shipped Anywhere outside the Continental USA.

Payment is PayPal oldlumens(insert the @ sign here)

First person to post here, pay and PM me with your full shipping info, gets the light.


I’ll take it.

You got it.