[Sold] 4. Batch "TA" Bistro/Bistro HD OTSM/Narsil drivers, 46mm for Q8 1S or 2S, Clicky or E-switch, SIR404

Re: my two 30mm……

**both with NarsiM please.
**power ON = (NO) If I understand correctly, when used with a flashlight with a tail cap and an e-switch the light will NOT turn on when the tailcap switch is first turned ON. It will then turn ON when the sideswitch is pressed. If tailcap switch is turned OFF then the light would loose it’s memorized setting?
**both with short & long springs, NOT installed

**Is that all that is needed to know?

$14 + $1.50 (30mm) + $14 + $1.50 (30mm) + 4 x $0.30 = $32.20 + $2 envelope shipping
Is that correct?

Should I send $$ via Paypal now?

Those are really 1S drivers or do you need 2S with LDO?
I think NarsilM looses the last mode when battery voltage gets lost

Single cell, 1S type.

I’m not sure what you mean by “looses the last mode when battery voltage gets lost”

I’ve read the NarsilM reference

Can someone link me somewhere so I can star learning about these things. I have a basic understanding about flashlights but specific things about drivers are obscure to me.

Like with any driver, if you remove the battery or turn it off with a mechanical switch (total loss of power) it is always going to turn on at its default level.

If you turn it off with an electronic switch, but keep battery power flowing through the driver, then it’s going to turn back on at the memorized level. Assuming memory mode is activated.

It’s good to know the different types of drivers - boost, buck, linear, fet, etc… but beyond that things get pretty complicated. Here’s a good thread to start.

If that is what Lexel meant, sorry I didn’t think of that…. I knew it, have a light with e-switch and tailcap switch already. Sometimes I don’t see the oh-so very obvious and look for something more complicated. :person_facepalming: Thank you

It is possible that the driver knows its last on brightness after power loss, I think it was optional in v1.4 not sure never tested

Its a matter if you program it to write the last ramp level in the permanent memory

That sounds kind of neat, but not very useful. Maybe it’s good for when you drop the light and the batteries loose contact. It will stay on the current brightness level instead of turn off or switch to turbo.

I don’t know about Narsil. But clicky switch lights can remember last mode. They have been doing it for years. Switching off total power and even removing the batteries doesn’t have to mean a loss of mode memory.

Lexel - In your list above, you have my driver marked as needing configuration info. What do you need?

the ordered Oshpark driver boards were shipped yesterday

(1) 38.5mm NarsilM 60°C, SD=2.8V, PO=(2B)

picture was not up to date, I uploaded last excel sheet

Thanks! When do we pay?

I’m up for

(1) 17mm 1S Bistro HD OTSM driver, long spring (not soldered)

Okay I read about it and understand now.

I would like
(2) 17mm Bistro HD OTSM no spring
(2) 17mm Bistro HD OTSM, Zener Mod with LVP

I have tested Bistro HD 2S with LDO and it did not work properly, and 17mm needs another LDO I have only one left

Zener mod only works with normal Bistro

added driver layout for Astrolux MF01

not tested yet

Ok just the (2) normal Bistro ones then.

Also, I am new to building momentary switch lights, but after watching how Narsil works I would like to try it out in a Convoy L6. I would be running two batteries. Could you suggest which options I would need or want? Thank you.

Mainly, what would you like the light to do when the main/rear switch is first turned on (PO)?
A. Nothing (NO)
B. 2 weak blinks (2B)
C. Turbo (T)

Lexel can also set the stepdown temp for you.

I think Narsil M can do both temp monitoring and LVP. Earlier versions could only do one or the other, but not both.

For the L6 you’d want a long spring if your running unprotected cells. It will also be a 2S (2 cells in series) and using the LDO.

I think he can also set what voltage the light turns off at as part of the LVP.

He will send you a PM.

(1) 2S NarsilM LDO 60°C, SD=2.9V, PO=(NO) would be an option with lighted sideswitch
or power on Turbo the tactical option

Sounds good, 2 of the bistro and one of those.

(2) 1S Bistro HD OTSM
(2) 2S TA Bistro, z-mod
(1) 2S NarsilM LDO 60°C, SD=2.9V, PO=(NO), lighted sideswitch resistor

so No Output for the L6 one and resistor for lighted sideswitch presoldered?