[Sold] 4. Batch "TA" Bistro/Bistro HD OTSM/Narsil drivers, 46mm for Q8 1S or 2S, Clicky or E-switch, SIR404

This batch is finished
next batch here

also for the Q8 launch with SIR404s upgraded
I am atm going to get a Q8 board design due to the different PCB diameter and screw holes

v1.5 Prototyp board tested successfully

I will also give the option this time to sell kits, containing all parts and boards, with flashed MCUs for Bistro and NarsilM
This saves 0.7$ shipping and is cheaper, still NarsilMs startup, over temp protection and LVP can be configured but not calibrated

Bistro-HD OTSM can be ordered this time, it needs special parts
OTSM works perfectly with lighted tailcap and hot light no more OTC timing issues

If you want fully assembled and tested drivers reply here
Flashed and thermal calibrated MCUs are included.

This batch will be reflow soldered, got enough expirience in 2. and 3. batch

Availiable options:

there are different sizes availiable 15, 17, 20, 21 and 22mm
those are cheap on the PCBs from Oshpark so I may end up with some unused boards

30mm, 38.5mm and 46mm SRK are possible as well, but add costs depending on size

Information about this driver series here

This time will be using the SIR404 FET as there will be likely a lot Q8 drivers
You can choose a custom number of 7135 less than the maximum

can be equipped with Attiny 25(V)
running TA Bistro, Bistro HD or Bistro OTSM
Attiny 85 running Narsil v1.4 or NarsilM with latest version with fixed bugs
Narsil manual, a lot options to configure this one

NarsilM availiable for this batch https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/45888

Drivers will be fully tested

NarsilM driver can be thermal calibrated as well
you can choose the temperature for stepdown, but change it later in User Settings
the time for stepdowns depends on the lights size/heat, a pocket rocket off a 14500 high drain will need a shorter time than a Convoy L6
standard will be 60°C
standard stepdown time 45s

temp calibration with heat gun

there are 2 main options for 2S NarsilM for lights like Convoy L6
NarsilM it is possible to choose between indicator pin and LVP the whole settings are reduced for an easier handling for the Q8, new version a lot improvement and bugfixes

For 2S lights that use only a sideswitch or you dont lock out the light a LDO is needed,
the zener mod has a very high parasitic drain so this is only suitable for Bistro drivers

2S LDO is availiable for 17, 21, 22, 26, 30 and 46mm
2S Zener Mod is availiable on all sizes
Piggyback LDO on other sizes possible adds 1.5$

efficiency advantage over Fet+7135*1

this is just an example, keep in mind that triple hotrods get more gain than a single emitter light



for 17mm Board will be phosphor bronze in 2 lenghs
for 15mm board the short spring fits (the long upside down but risky)
All drivers come without soldered springs, to stay below 10mm envelope thickness which is 2.2€ cheaper to ship

long spring

short spring

For larger boards those springs are good

recommended with lead solder paste, but can do lead free if requested


12.5$ TA Bistro Attiny25
14$ Bistro HD OTSM Attiny25V

NarsilM Attiny85
13$ flashed standard Narsil settings 60°C uncalibrated, SD=2.8V, PO=(2B),
14.5$ with calibrated 1S or 2S LVP / temp calibration and max temperature preset, this version has no indicator LED

Narsil v1.4 might be used when timed plus thermal stapdown in a small hotrod light is wanted, but NarsilM has a lot improvement

per loose spring add 0.3$
springs can be soldered, but stiff long spring adds shipping
2x0.75mm² silicone cable can be presoldered for 0.25$ per inch
also soldered short or large long spring plus soldered wires adds shipping cost

30mm add 1.5$
38.5mm add 2.85$ if 3 boards come together
46mm add 4.5$ if 3 boards come together
Zener mod add 0.5$
LDO 1.2$ 21mm and bigger only
LDO 17mm add 3$ more expensive part

Bistro or Narsil customized modespacing adds 1-2$ depending how many groups you want changed
or you suply a hex add 0.5$

Bistro 2S Zener mod needs to be adjusted with a customized voltage divider to the MCU add 1.2$

SRK Size with more than 8 AMC7135 Bank add 1$ for all 16 AMCs

2$ envelope shipping worldwide
Tracking + insurance up to 25€ adds 3$
Soldered long phosphor bronze springs are possible, but it adds 2.5$ shipping costs
Insurance up to 100€ and tracking adds 5$
Insurance above 100€ and tracking adds 7$

1€ Germany
adds 2,5€ for tracking + insurance up to 25€

if you request drivers try to do it in this form

100 SIR FETs ordered to lower the price by 0.5$ compared to last batch

some examples from last batch prices reduced this batch
(1) 17mm 1S NarsilM PO=(L)

(1) 17mm 1S Narsil v1.4 short spr. 60°C 45s PO=(L)

(1) 22mm 1S Bistro HD long springs soldered
12.3$ and 2.5$ extra shipping

(1) 22mm 2S TA Bistro Z mod LVP=6V
13$ without LVP
14.5$ calibration of LVP needed

(1) 17mm 1S Bistro HD OTSM long springs, SD=2.8V
standard light with lighted tailcap and perfect timing

(1) 30mm 2S NarsilM LDO 65°C, SD=6V, PO=(NO), lighted sideswitch 2.2k
Convoy L6, Thorfire S70

(1) 38.5mm Narsil v1.4 60°C 60s, no LVP, PO=(T)
Cuoroi D01 1S/3P
20.05$ 2S LDO piggyback LDO

(1) 46mm Q8 NarsilM no calibration, PO=(2B), SD=2.8V, 16AMC

Narsil startup options
moon (M)
Turbo (T) useful with forward tail switch
2 blinks (2B)
no output (NO) useful with lighted sideswitch

SD=2.8V per cell shut down voltage, ramp down 0.2V above this level for Narsil

Excel sheet is almost every day actualized if nessesary

Can SIR800 be used in TC?
Did you consider building this one?

I’m interested in one 38.5mm driver for Courui D01 if other(s) will order a couple to make the three total needed. I don’t need three drivers myself, and I don’t want to pay the extra to be the only one ordering one. Let me know if it works out.

I’m still having trouble understanding how all the options stack up. Once again, I’ll take a stab at it here. Please tell me if this is correct or not!

(1) 38.5mm NarsilM 60°C SD=2.8V PO=(2B)

NarsilM ……. $15.00
38.5mm …… + $2.85
Shipping …… $2.00+
Total ………… $19.85

this is correct if you want LVP and Thermal calibration
the price examples are without shipping as there are multiple options for shipping

What is a TC?

OK. Thanks. I hope 2x more 38.5mm drivers get ordered by somebody. O:)

I am interested in 1 17mm OTSM 2S zener mod driver, short spring, running Bistro. Also 2 X 1S 17mm OTSM with only the single channel 7135 and FET, running Bistro, short spring as well with moonlight set to 1 and mode 22 and 23 with a low mode setting of 2 and highest mode PWM set at 220 for low Vf leds. PM me if I need to try and explain this better.

PM me with a price, please???

Thanks Matt

Texas Commander

Can this driver handle 4 xhp70.2 with 2s2p input?

for 4 XHP70.2 I would use a SIR404 FET it can handle 36.6A at 70°C ambient temperature

Bistro OTSM needs a LDO this in 17mm size adds 3$ just material cost as it is very expensive

for Modegroups can you send me the changed code, just be aware that if you use only 2 channels there are old Bistro Modegroups used
for low Vf LEDs maybe potting the AMC bank is the better solution

the TC looks good if you move the FET to the LEDs MCPCB to cool it or you have to be below 10W of LED power to keep the FET cool enough

I got no experience with Texas Commander driver so building and testing it for just one driver makes not much sense
I can order the parts and reflow it

I will get them together. I am not concerned about the 7135s, I am concerned about setting a current limit on the high end. Quad 219c’s will draw like crazy and I refuse to build down with little wire and no bypasses to restrict current to an uncontrolled amount. I understand otsm is higher, but it works! The modes do not go to hell with heat!

to control the Nichia 219s its probably better go with a full bank of AMCs plus FET and reduce the FET to like 150

for a pocket rocket you may want to add a thermal path from shelf to the MCU to get the temp protection be less delayed

You can keep it below 10W for regulated modes and higher than that just PWM the FET. Overall it should be slightly more efficient than 7135s at low-medium modes. Also, some like the fact that there’s a broad range of modes (going down to quite low) that are PWM-free.
I thought this could make it interesting for some users….though actually I didn’t say that I want to buy it, so the number of requests is 0 so far. :wink:

I can build you one, but 3 or more would be better to reduce the costs

just ordering small amounts of parts and 3 boards does increase the material costs
testing and troubleshooting this driver is also new to me

I’m in the waiting mode. I’m wating for upocoming hosts and for a LED seller to get a new batch. After that I may (or may not) wait a little longer for GXB17, depending on what comes around. I’m not looking to buy TC (though it may change), but I thought others could. In general more niches covered = more buyers

including GXB17 driver in next batch makes more sense than TC

You’re probably right

Put me down for a 21mm with an ATTiny85. I’ll add details as I figure them out, but I want to get on the list for the time being.