[Sold] 4. Batch "TA" Bistro/Bistro HD OTSM/Narsil drivers, 46mm for Q8 1S or 2S, Clicky or E-switch, SIR404

Lexel, so far I have one of the 17’s from batch 3 installed. Love it!!!

I want a couple more… a 30mm, maybe 2 and maybe something else to be determined. I hope it is okay to get back to you exactly what by next week as I am traveling / busy. If that does notwork, I understand.

yeah its summer time and the interest is not that high atm, so next batch will take some time

I thought about ordering a bunch SIR800 as I got smaller parts, 85 MCUs and some board sizes left from last batch

and then be at least able to build some Narsil drivers, but no OTSM

I guess I’ll hold out until you’re ready for some OTSM drivers and/or boost drivers.

Lexel, I would like to get 2 - 30mm; single cell, 2.8 LVP, Narsil, standard temperature control, PowerOn=No (you need to press e-switch to turn light on after turning on the talcap switch). I’m not sure about spring length so I would like short and long for each and will install whatever works best.

Question for you… With your drivers will it work to copy the firmware, save it and then burn it to another driver? I am wishing I had ordered one of the previous 17mm Narsil with PO=No instead of Low. One way to fix that would be to copy the firmware from one of these new 30mm. I have the required hardware items as well as Atmel Studio and AVR Tools, but I have not yet used it yet so all I know is a little theory.

I have not been able to find anything referring to PD on the NarsilM drivers. I would like to use the 38.5mm in a D01 with a tail power switch and side e-switch. I want the unit to turn on in low mode when the power button on the tail is pressed. I do not need or want an off mode on the e-switch.

I think I will also want one set up the same way for my S70, need to research the driver size before I order.


you would loose the temperature calibration
I wrote on many driver labels the value that shows the temp offset like –12 or +3

with the new NarsilM you can copy the firmware and do the temp set over the UI, while the temp blinks wont be accurate as its not matching the offset
the temp calibration and preset of the temp protection on NarsilM is optional, while it was needed on v1.4

Thank you. I think I may give NarsilM a try if I decide the one light really would be better if the tailcap switch did not turn the light on when clicked to power up. In the meantime I should also get things together and try reprogramming one of the ATtiny13 MCU’s I have sitting around; practice on something that does not matter so much.

I am interested in 2 drivers. Both 21mm NarsilM and 2 springs included in the envelope. I should order the larger spring? For Skilhunt h02 headlamp. Shipped to USA.
I would like to try them just as they are described in the google reference:
No thermal step-down, I want to give the timed step-down a try.

NarsilM 21mm x(2) =26
Spring x(2) = .6
$ 31.60


Welcome to BLF NarsilM! Wait, what? You liked Narsil so much you named yourself after it? :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:

Im interested in one for a convoy L6 please

I will sign myself up for a couple of drivers from this batch aswell :smiley:

(1) 17mm 1S Bistro HD OTSM, SD=2.8V no spring
(1) 30mm 2S NarsilM LDO 70°C, SD=2.8V, PO=(NO) no spring

Do any of these drvers work with a dual electronic side switch?

Lexel, I’ve been away a bit and will be away with intermittent access again soon. Is there a timeline for when we have to paypal the funds to you?

Note: you have me on the list twice probably because I did not make myself clear. I will only want the 2 x 30 mm , not three.

I do want Narsil on both but can’t decide between 1.4 and “M”.

Definitely in for another driver.

(1) 21mm 1S (only one 7135) NarsilM eswitch

Hi Lexel!
Can you send unsoldered driver kit? One board and the parts in an envelope. If I want a Convoy L6 TA driver with NarsilM and 2S LVP How much does it cost unsoldered to send it to Europe Hungary? Or how much If I need two of these like this?
Thank you!

A not soldered NarsilM driver kit would be a bit cheaper, less shipping costs, no reflowing and testing

I could pack you parts for one driver right now, as I found a FET I lost weeks ago

with 7135 chips, flashed MCU and parts for 30mm 2S LDO driver with shipping 13€

I got only 1 Infineon FET I though that was lost and one 360kOhm for 2S Narsil LDO left

the question is which battery power on respond you want 2 low blinks, moonlight, no output or turbo

I forgot to tell that I have many 7135s and some FETs also left from 17mm single cell TA builds. So I don’t need them. And I have springs and cables too.

Has anyone tried removing the bottom 7135s and had Narsil continue working properly?

you can remove as many 7135 from the bottom as you wish, they are all parallel

I added the option in OP for kits with preflshed MCUs, parts and boards

I found a source for the 404 FETs which are the best on market for just 3% over Digikey price for the 800s

I hope for more interests as the Q8 gets launched to order parts and get to production