(Sold) Black 6x SRK de-domed tons of heatsinking and a modded JB-A driver. $55 free shipping in the US includes 4 batteries

For sale is a 6x SRK it has been de-domed for a ton of extra throw and it has a very nice tint.

The driver is the JB-A It’s been modded to bypass the resistors so it’s true direct drive. It has a High, Medium and Low with hidden strobe. I did not put super extra heavy wires on it though. However, it’s still pushing over 3,500 lumens and that is with just using regular batteries not any kind of high amp ones. With 20amp batteries it would be much more. But I do NOT suggest using the high amp batteries. This is pushed hard enough as it is. Even with all the extra heat sinking.

For heat sinking it’s got six one and a half inch washers that are each epoxied in with a combination of JB weld and Silicone carbide. Silicone carbide transfers more heat than alumina which is what is in the expense epoxies like arctic alumina. So this no longer has a thin pill. But one instead it has one large heatsink. It transfers heat instantly to the outside of the light for better thermal management. It does get hot fast even with the extra mass so high is for turbo, but even medium is as bright as a normal SRK and has twice the throw. On turbo it has at least three times the normal throw.

The extra heatsinking forced me to push the reflector up higher so it now has two O rings for moisture protection. One under the lens like usual and one under the bezel. It’s a nice looking light. It was fun to build but again a lot of work went into it.

$55 free shipping in the US. Actual shipping for everyone else.

As usual first PM gets it!

I’m adding in 4 free LG 18650 batteries to sweeten the deal. These are great batteries that run this light perfectly. They are from a new laptop battery and I have only used them to test them out. Very nice wrappers on these. These get very good reviews.

Pm sent with questions

Is it black? How bad is the pwm?

Howdy, yep it’s black. I just took it into the shower. LOL that’s how I check mine. I would say it’s noticable but not nearly as bad as many that I have seen. It’s no full on strobe effect. I would put it on the better end.

Oh and the emitters are XML-U2 at least according to the place I got it from. Hard to say really. It is VERY bright anyway and throws too.

I went and did the spring mod and bumped it up to over 4,000 lumens. I would also like to say that with the de-domed emitters it’s got a real nice tight hot spot so it really throws well and has a ton of flood. The tint is great on this light too. Perfect for me anyway. Nice neutral color.

PM incoming.

Aw…can we get some pics man :wink:

There was some dude looking to win the flashlight war at work…THIS would put him head and shoulders above the competition and not break the bank! :smiley:

how is this awesome light still here?!

Here this thread…maybe this guy should be notified