SOLD: Black Convoy S2+ Triple 219B 4500K 92 CRI, US only

Ok, let’s try this again… :smiley:

The internals of this light were originally mated to a red Convoy S2+ that I built in March 2016.

I recently posted it for sale, but I think the custom distressed ‘patina’ was turning off potential buyers.

I had a black Convoy S2+ host in my box of goodies, so I’ve swapped the triple setup into it.

The host is like-new and has never been carried. The driver and emitters have been run for just a couple of hours in the previous red S2+.

  • triple Nichia NVSL219BT 4500K 92 CRI on 20mm MCPCB from Mountain Electronics
  • copper spacer from Mountain Electronics
  • Carclo 10507 ‘narrow spot’ optic
  • non-AR glass lens
  • 17mm driver running BLF A6 firmware (set to four modes, no memory)

Price is $50 $40 shipped. USA and PayPal only.

Click images for larger view.

Price reduced to $40 shipped in the US.

All right already. I know you were directing all this effort towards me. I’ll take it. I’m back to step one in my addiction recovery. I went a whole 10 days this time

Finally got through to you! :smiley:

Sold and shipped.

Thanks aginthelaw! :+1:

Saved by the bell, I couldn’t believe that nobody was grabbing it at that price.