SOLD! EDC 18650 (aka Convoy S3) - XP-G2 - gold body


Selling one like-new EDC 18650 XP-G2 from intl outdoor. You can read about the light HERE and HERE

Selling the gold version like this example here:

AKA Convoy S3 on fasttech, but they do not have an XP-G2 version like this! I think most members have some awareness of these lights already.

Near mint. Barely used. includes orange switch cover as seen below. PM if you’re interested.


Should mention I am located on east coast USA and ship quickly. :slight_smile: No wait like China and Hong Kong! :slight_smile:

good XPG2 throw for its size. very easy carry.

open to reasonable offers, PM me :beer:

I really want it for mrs gords but I have no funds till month end. if it has not been snapped up by then I’ll have it. Good luck with the sale.

Sounds good. Not sure about intl shipping, but we can probably figure something out.

yeah, hopefully someone will snap it up but we’ll sort the shipping out if it comes to it.

Changed the button from green to orange….

No GITD, but it goes much better with the body color. At least I think so. Can switch it back if you want me to.

another crappy phone pic of the button :slight_smile:

Will the IO clip fit on there without too much modification ?

Do you think it will work if the holes are slightly Dremeled ?

Also , what tint is the emitter ?

Its an R5 2B per IOS.

Not sure which clip you are referring to… link?

I can try to take measurements of the holes if you want, but don’t have a mic/calipers so might not be the most accurate.

I want to say you could probably find a way to rig it up, but hard to without seeing the clip.

and tint is 2B, pretty nice for CW.

thanks :beer:

Bump it up…


any offers?

Did you get my PM?

Replied :slight_smile:



Per PM, I received the light today. It’s in great shape, and MAN, you are some SUPER PACKER :)! It was wrapped in so much bubble wrap that I had to almost go get a machete to get it opened.

Sorry, just joking, but it was wrapped very well, and as I said it’s in perfect condition.

I’m kind of surprised how small it is, but it’s quite bright. I gotta take it out tonight and try it!


thanks again. enjoy her. :slight_smile: