SOLD Green MT-G2 2D mag and mini me

Hi All,

Up for sale today is a very nice set of green modded maglites. I got the hosts from and couldn't be happier with the experience.

The 2D mag sports an MT-G2 P0 5000K emitter on a copper wrapped aluminum heatsink under a stippled SST-50 aluminum reflector from FT. The lens is the 52mm ucl from Lighthound. The driver is the BLF17DD-Z with 4 mode Star firmware and off time memory. The moon mode on this light is very low and the turbo mode draws a bit over 10 amps off a pair of Powerizer 26650 cells (not included). Crash test data by Djozz suggest the OTF lumens at this power level should be in the 3500 lumen range. The tailcap spring has been shortened and resistance modded and the switch utilizes my standard power bypass outlined in post #8 of this thread.

The micro mag was constructed as outlined in this thread except that an aluminum heatsink was used instead of copper. The light uses 3 up XP-G2 S3 emitters in 3C tint on noctigon and is regulated with Wight's single sided FET driver flashed with four mode Star firmware featuring off time memory. I'm getting a tail cap measurement of 5 amps dropping to a steady 4.5 amps at 30 seconds or so using a fully charged Efest IMR 14500 cell(not included). A calculated OTF lumen estimate of 1300 lumens at 4.5 amps seems reasonable based on crash test data by Djozz. The optic is the carclo 10511 frosted narrow spot.

Price including CONUS shipping is $160 for the pair. International buyers pay additional shipping.

First reply with "I'll take it" followed by PM gets the lights.

My paypal address is

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Gorgeous! Would love to own a modded mini like this! Offered individually? What is the overall length of the mini? This has to be a nice flooder with a beautiful tint.

I’ll take it

PayPal sent

You got it!