SOLD- Mini-Maglites - Modified 2AA Mini-Mags - SOLD

SOLD 2AA Mini-Maglites. They are modified to use 15 Degree TIR optics. Two have XM-L leds and Two have Nichia 219 leds. All of them have Copper heat sinks. All of them come with the Maglite Holster. The copper contact surface for the ground, will have a light coat of conductive grease on it. (FYI).

These lights can run on 2xAA Alkaline, NiZn, or 1x14500 and a Dummy cell.

AA Dummy Cells are available upon request. PM me for one if you don't have any.






2x Alkalines - Nichia 219


2x Alkalines XM-L T6 3C

Camo has an XM-L T6 3C & it's the only one left

Black has an XM-L T6 3C

Red has a Nichia

Blue has a Nichia

Nobody wants XM-L? Huh.....

SOLD is $35 USD CONUS and $45 USD International for Each light. (Sorry, Int'l postage is a killer).

Payment is PayPal oldlumens (insert the @ sign here)

Post here which light you are taking - Black or Camo. Followed by a payment and a PM to me with your name and address.


WOW these look great!!!

I’ll take the red one please.

Wow, another set of masterpieces, I would like the Blue one.

Red and Blue are gone. Camo and Black are left.

I had a hard time deciding on red or blue.

What kind of XM-Ls did you use?

T6 3C

I like the way the optic fits the mag bezel. Where do you get them?

Dang, I never see the Nichia one’s in time to get one !

Art of work!
These lights will get some happy owners.

If you dont mind sharing Old-Lumens. What is your technique for getting the heads and tailcaps so nice and polished?

CNQG has them 15 degree optic and they are 20mm diameter. They don't fit as well as they look. The diameter of the mag bezel is what? about 22mm?, so it's not a great fit. It's just the only optic I have found that looks good with the Nichia. The Carlco don't. I don't like the beam in the Carlco narrow TIR.

When I put one together, I have to hold the optic with one finger pressed on it, as I screw down the bezel, to keep the optic from moving around when tightening. As I say, modding is a trade off. Nothing fits like OEM and everything has to be "cobbled" when you try this stuff with hand tools. Lathes and end mills can make everything go together right, but then again, with lathes and end mills, why mod a Maglite. Just make lights from scratch?

Greased Lightning cleaner, to remove the Ano (about an hour in a small tub of the stuff). #0000 Steel wool to clean up the parts and Hagerty polish. Any good aluminum polish that cuts as well as polishing. Hagerty, MAAS and others.

Two lights still left...

Thanks for info Old-Lumen…
Dont have Greased Lightning cleaner here. Tried acetone (which I had easily availabe) for some hours, which did nothing. Ill be looking for other products then… Or maybe buy some proper and strong paint remover from a store.

Look for stuff meant to clear clogs in your pipes.

Buy one of the others and ask him to make you a Nichia “drop in”. Then you have both.

I have that optic in my Black OL and wondered where it came from. I just like the way the edge recess fits the bezel. The Cnqg 10^ XML works well but the head has to be reamed for the holder.

Drain cleaner should work.

Sorry for jumping on your for sales thread.
I use Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda) granules removes Ano in a few minutes. few spoon fulls mixed with water does the job.
Can be bought on line (got mine on ebay)

This maglite was black

I see u in the mag :wink: free bump for awesome lights