[SOLD] - Nichia 219b R9050 sw30 emitters

$.90 cents per emitter.

Shipping $5.00 CONUS. (Padded packaging first class package)

Interested in 30 emitters, can send PP tomorrow afternoon.

I do like me some 3000K emitters, might as well keep some more on hand to tinker with.

I'll take 25..

Very cool ...or should I say warm :)

I’ll take 30 please! PM me your paypal info and I can send payment first thing tomorrow!

Just pmd! Hopefully you have a couple dozen left for me! 36?





Interested in purchasing 12, sent a PM.

PM sent



not to hijack, but i sometimes lose sleep wondering how you folks snag reels like these :open_mouth:

Just gotta be at the right place at the right time lol :slight_smile:

I often get mine from production/inventory overruns. A lot of it just comes down to who you know and being at the right place and time. The 219b is becoming more and more rare nowadays, especially the r9080 spec, so grab em while you can.

Good luck with the sales!
There are plenty of outdated streetlight MCPCBs populated with 219B. But I doubt they’re R9080.


Haha I see your plug Andy!

If I buy 10 LEDs $9 + $ 9 shipping == $18