[SOLD] - Nichia 219b R9050 sw30 emitters

I’m helping both of us here :wink:

But it’s true, they are going away slowly…

I have shipped to all those who have paid, tracking numbers coming to you shortly.

I’ll take 10 of them, PM Sent

Pm’d ya

For everyone who I was able to send shipments out on Friday, you should be receiving on Monday.

Thanks for the quick shipping!

Sent over payment for (24). Thanks, trailhunter! :+1:




congrats on selling like hotcakes

I would like to see a side by side beamshot of the sw30, sw45k, and a cool white LED… something like this:

Everyone’s orders placed last friday or through the weekend should receive their emitters today! If someone can post their beamshots and comparisons here, that would be awesome!

The LEDs arrived today in the mail so I just wanted to say a huge thank you too @trailhunter for putting these LEDs up for sale. He communicated through every step of the purchasing process and the LEDs arrived really fast. Now I just have to wait on some MCPCBs and hosts to arrive to put them to good use.

Thanks for the kind review :slight_smile: glad to see they made quickly.

Received mine this morning as well. Talk about fast shipping! :+1:

That was SUPER fast! Got them and can’t wait to try them out. Thanks so much!

Got mine today!

Tried one so far - it was nice and rosy. Probably the rosiest 3000k emitter I’ve got.

Of the five SST-20 3000k I’ve tried one was almost this rosy, while the others hover a bit closer to the BBL.
Less efficient than both the 219C and SST-20 of course, but that’s to be expected of any 219B.

As far as tint goes, if the rest of the reel is similar to the sample I tried I’d call it a win!

Thanks for offering these, looking forward to more reports from others.

thanks for sharing the joy
Rosy is good.

Hi, I’m interested in some. Could you PM me with shipping costs to the UK please

I’m doing a conversation of a set of fw3a to nichia. I’ll show a comparison once I’m done of sw30,sw35,sw40,sw45,sw45k

Unfortunately, none will be mine as they will all go up for sale after the builds.