Soshine 26650 Protected 5500mAh batteries - surprisingly decent cells.

I just received these batteries today (along with my V2.2 Opus). I already have them doing a 2000mA charge/discharge test to see what they actually are. The price was right so I figured what the heck, I might as well get them to try out. They are protected cells, rated 5500mAh with a 4A max discharge current. I don’t usually like protected cells, but I needed some to put in flashlights for family or that I sell.

$31.81 for 4 cells at DX. Non Aff Link / Aff Link

Well, the test is done. I’m actually surprised. One tested at 5474mAh and the other at 5490mAh. That was at 2000mA charge and 1000mA discharge.

I just checked tail readings on my DD 1504 with a XP-L. With a green Efest 4200 I was getting 5.21A. With the Soshine I was getting 4.68A. That’s acceptable as far as I’m concerned as these aren’t high drain batteries. The max discharge current on the website says 5A but on the batteries it says 4A. They live up to their capacity and they pull OK amps. I’ll have to admit, they have surpassed my expectations. I’m testing the second set on my V2.1 Opus right now. I’m sure if the discharge rate was less they would surpass their rated capacity but it isn’t worth the wait to charge and discharge them at low mA just for another test. If they rate damn near 5500mAh at what I ran the initial test at then they pass in my book.

Soshine, and most 26650 cells, normally exceed their ratings. I wonder why is that, when compared to most 18650 cells. I once tested a Soshine 18650, and it also exceeded its rated capacity:

I tested my soshine 4200 mah 26650 again a couple of days ago, they had ~4400 mah still. So soshine seem to be rating their batteries correct, or even a bit low sometimes

I’m a believer now. At basically $7.95 each shipped, this is probably the best deal for 26650’s right now unless you want high drain batteries. For high drain, Gearbest Keeppower batteries with coupon is a great deal.

I have two from Tmart that tested slightly lower than this at 3 amps. What I did not like was the large difference in resistance of the cells.

Edit. Testing was with an Icharger 208B.

Well, for one, many 18650s are rated down to 2.5V. This is why even the highly regarded Panasonic NCR18650B can’t hit its numbers in the real world. But why companies like Panasonic don’t give more real-world capacities while Chinese made King Kongs, Keeppower 5200s, and even these cells DO is quite the mystery.

Honestly, I actually REALLY like the 26650 form factor. Too bad there really aren’t many good 26650 lights out there. The Foursevens Maelstrom MMU-X and MMU-X3 are good. But they’re hobbled by puky yellow/green cool white emitters. I DO have to wonder about the Fenix PD40, though.

I just saw your Soshine 5500mha batteries in the “What you got today” thread.

I wonder what amp these would pull DD if we removed the protection? I bet they would get much closer to the green efest without that voltage drop.

Does anyone know where to buy new 26650 sleeves?

I don’t know. I do know the protection is around 7A

Are there any USA dealers selling the Soshine 26650s? M.E. and Illumn are my usual source for batteries, but they don’t carry these.

Strange thing, I think Opus BT-C3100 V2.2 is giving better results on SoShine 26650 batteries then on my two LiitoKala Lii500 chargers. I saw this in another thread also, with the Opus charger you get close to or the right actual mAh on this batteries (that I also got from DX), but I get 4700 - 4880 at the most testing four batteries in both chargers.
Today I got me second package from DX with the last 4 pcs of SoShine 26650 5500mAh, so I have started the test now, but at 1A it takes 10-12 hours to complete. (charge - discharge - charge all at 1A)

Yes, testing these batteries take forever but I’ve gotten pretty consistent results from 2 opus v2.2. I like these batteries enough that they are pretty much all I use for non direct driven 26650 flashlights. I don’t think there is another protected 26650 out there that beats them for the price per mah.

With my batteries and my testing, the result is also consistent, but just much lower then on Opus. (do Opus cut the discharging at 3V or 2.xV? do you know, Lii500 cut it at 3V). So for me, my Trustfire batteries (also protected) gives the same or more actual mAh, to 50% of the price.

I don’t and won’t use Trustfire batteries so I wasn’t including them. I meant compared to reputable batteries. I bought a pair of trustfire flame 5000mah 26650 a while back and they only tested out to around 3000-3500mah with a high resistance. I gave them away to a guy at work to use as emergency throw away extras for a flashlight I built him.

Also, the 5000mah trustfires go for around $15 a pair which is basically the same price as the Soshine, so where are you getting them for 50% less?

Yes I see that, but I just got some on Ebay for 50% of the price. Maybe they are low quality…time will tell.
And when I get my new Opus BT-C3100 v2.2, maybe the numbers change on the SoShine batteries as well. Time will tell. I think I have the C3100 charger one day next week.

The Soshine price of $30 is for 4-pcs, while [old] Ebay price of $15 is for 2-pcs. I got the 2-pcs Trustfire 5000mah last January for $15. Trustfire is not 50% of Soshine. They are the same price.

[new] Ebay price for 4-pcs Trustfire is $16.69 + $10 shipping.

Besides the Ultrafire lights, i am curious about what good 26650 light you have found.

I especially would like to find a cheap 26650 capable light with a reflector in around the Jacob A60 size.

HD-2010 is about it that I’ve played with

Thanks, that is a good candidate :slight_smile: