Spring mod on the Olight i3S


I just did a quick spring mod on my 10440 efest driven Olight i3S.

I just ripped out the steel spring in the bottom with a screwdriver and dropped down a fasstech “Carobronze” spring instead, fast and easy.

The spring will be loose in the bottom because it is a little to narrow, so it can drop out if you are not careful when you change batteries.

I measured 0,3 ohm on the steel spring and 0,1 ohm on the Carobronze one not compressed. EDIT according to djozz spring testing the Beryllium-copper should be even lower.

Works great it looks at least 20-30% brighter and bigger somehow, i guess floodier and gets almost burning hot in my hand quicker, crazy amount of light from such a small light :slight_smile:

I just wish i could measure lumens output, i know these are popular so i have to ask, have any of you done a spring mod on the Olighti3S and measured the output?

And is it possible to open the head up? i want to try a xp-l in there.
Have any one opened one or maybe the old AAA olights and can give me some pointer on how to open one.

Fasttechs springs aren’t copper, they are phosphor bronze most likely, better than steel but not as good as Int-outdoor’s Beryllium-copper springs, i have order some to try out and i will update with the result when they are here.

Thanks for telling us. Should be easy to mod spring for a better fit?

Tack for the idea :slight_smile:

I tried open the wire of the spring up, and it worked the spring didn’t fall out but the output got less, so i tried to put a second spring beneath the widened spring in the bottom and that bumped up the lumen even more, but it did put to much pressure against the battery so it got a tiny dent on the bottom and the twisty action got a bit to hard for comfortably do it with one hand.

So i put back it as was before, but at least we know that if we can lower the resistance even further there is more lumens to be had, maybe with a better wider wired copper spring but i only know of the fasstech ones.

International outdoor do Berylium copper springs .Check out the springs thread by Djozz.Lots of good info there.

Thanks Billy X,

Those look perfect, i measure the inside diameter to be 10,58mm on my olight i3s and the Berylium copper springs has a base diameter: 11mm,
so should hopefully fit like a glove if i compress them slightly.

I have ordered some so i will soon find out.
According to djozz spring testing those should have much lower resistance than fasstechs “Carobronze” springs also.

I just realised that I’ve got an i2EOS with eneloop.I tested it with the “sphere of destiny” and light meter, standard, and with beryllium spring.1874 lux jumped to 2030 lux,8.3%.Roughly 74 to 80 lumens :smiley: I”m sure you will gain much more on Li Ion as the current is much higher.Those Efest 10440’s are the best.

Nice! Glad to see you posted this. Think I still got an old version of this light around - should re-visit.

Thanks for testing that, did it stay in safely also? whats the mm on the battery tube on the i2EOS?

Now we can start to get an estimate about the actual gain, you could get some Efest 10440 for him :) he is starving on those eneloop :)
You should see how happy he will get, he will really light up the room like never before :wink:

But the efest are easy to get, for me the biggest problem was to find a suitable charger no readily available charger seems to exist that charges ~130mA for the 10440.

So finally i had to do a resistor swap on a TP4056 usb charger board to charge those efest safely.

Thanks, i think its the perfect complement to the efest 10440, if one can get the 10440 and suitable charger, the spring mod is just some fasttech or int-outdoors clicks away, perfect beginners mod.

I really want to find a good aaa host for a BLFTiny10DD fet xp-l build, i just bought these two
JEXREE Mini-LED-Torch-3W http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Mini-LED-Torch-3W-300LM-CREE-T6-LED-Flashlight-flash-Light-Lamp-free-shipping-wholesale/1854659429.html
Hugsby XP-1
Hopefully one of them are modable atleast.

For the spring mod, I just thought that even better would probably be to cut 2 pieces of copper and braid the steel spring and solder the copper to the bottom of the spring and a copper cap for the spring, if i get restless waiting on my intl-outdoor i just might try it but my soldering skills are a bit rusty :slight_smile:

Something i wish to see more of on blf is some really hot rodded AAA builds, i don’t know if people realize that now its possible to get almost 1000 lumens from a AAA host, Dale as ever inspiring as usual showed that with his latest texas poker build.

But with a regular blf host and not a custom host with a lot less metal you would probably have to have a rather short turbo step down so you don’t burn your hands :slight_smile: but then you know you are really cooking……your hand at least LOL

The i2 is an AA sized light.I do not have any 14500 cells,but I prefer AAA or 16340 for compact torches,and I’ve got Efests for them.I only got the i2 because it was in a Wallbuys hourseckill thing for half price or something.
If you have seen Dale’s thread,have you seen Djozz’s threads (I think there are 3 of them,but with links in the posts)I think it must be St Djozz day 0:) .

Yeah i saw that thread, its one of the reason i want to build a more usable version with modes and not just direct drive for the fun of it :slight_smile: but i might try that just for the fun……the hand burning fun :slight_smile:

Or maybe try to get some control on the direct drive by limiting the possible current by smaller gauge of wires or try on of those QTC quantum tunnel composite.