Stainless AAA XP-E2 twistie at Convoy's store

Looking at Simon's store on aliexpress I noticed that along with the new clear-anodised C8, a second flashlight appeared.

It's a stainless steel single mode 50-60 lumen AAA xp-e2 twistie that is just 70mm long and available in three tints: 4000/5000/6000. The best thing, price:$10

Looks like an amazing product but I don't think anyone else noticed it appeared?

Link (sorry if I post it wrong)


Edit: i just ordered two 5000K. :slight_smile:

I like it! Thanks for posting! :slight_smile:

Looks like clone to Dito Feng Bird with slots changed to round led lenser style “dimples”. Personally I dislike led lenser design and prefer original Dito Feng much more (and price :wink: )

” [BLF] DITO Feng Bird XPG-X2 105Lm S.S. Flashlight”:
” [GB] Sold out: DITO Feng Bird Stainless LED Flashlight - WHITE “:

EDIT:/ Review link:
” [BLF] Review: DITO Feng Bird Stainless Steel Pocket Flashlight (1 x AAA)“:

/BTW: Slots on the head should aid mode changing much more than round dimples.

Hmm… I like both of them!

Original is still available on fasttech albeit more pricey ($11.68 with BLF coupon):
[FT] 1*LED 1-Mode 105LM LED Keychain Flashlight

You have created a new need


:LOVE: nice one Simon :THUMBS-UP:

FT is reputed for poor stock management and i would not be surprised it turns out ‘restocking’ once ordered…

How come Simon is cloning now?
Where does this new Convoy AAA comes from?

Heheh I saw this Tiny Torch today
Love the name and material used.

How do you mean “now” ? As far as I know most (if not all) Convoy designs are some better than average generic host picked by Simon and manufactured to his standard with Convoy logo and standard AMC drivers. No original designs as far as I understand. Correct me if I’m wrong.

It started out that way from what I hear but there are lots of original designs now such as the L2 and L6 and far as I know the whole BD lineup.

You may well be right… I guess i haven’t been addicted to fl long enough to tell wether other Convoy lights have borrowed some existing design. In that particular case the two lights have exactly the same body, material and finish except for the dots/grooves. Honestly i don’t care. Just surprised.

I think this is just a product that Simon is selling, not something he is making himself. I see no reference to the convoy brand on the listing or the light?

… the choice of three tints is in line with Convoy it seems?

what a nice light! guess I’ll order the 5000K variant

Maybe Simon worked with them but BD lineup is stright up Dipper with proper logo :slight_smile: :
Dipper BD01
Dipper BD02
Dipper BD03
I believe those flashlights have many other names on chinese market - someone here gave some examples.
First version Convoy L2 was Dipper D19, current one probably as well. Didn’t researched L6 and know of no clones - but you see a pattern.
Having said that I still prefer Convoy anytime. Proven quality, reliable and even good looking western-centric logo(no chinese squiggles or chinglish) :slight_smile:

Do you like the small Dito Feng AAA??
Take a look at my small video here: Dito Feng flashlight :smiley: (scroll down the thread, the first video did not run… :FACEPALM: )
I like it so much!

It would be nice if there was a version in AA

No modes