Sterling Silver flashlight?

I see titanium, copper, brass, and aluminum being used, as well as interesting coatings like MAO.

Any manufacturer consider making a flashlight body from sterling silver? Obviously it would be more costly but id love to get one.

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Probably not, because it’s quite expensive and not so durable material… !

I know that some brands in some applications have silver plated their positive and negative contacts because has high electrical conductivity !

Sterling silver contains 92.5% Silver (Argentum) and is (like pure Copper) a not so easy going metal as Aluminum. That’s why people came up with Argentium 935. It contains 93.5% Silver, and may be addressed as Sterling Silver, but has far better physical properties. I too would like to own such an AAA sized light

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I have no doubt that would look incredible.
I often admire the titanium lights, but I’ve never put down the money for one.

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Also an excellent electrical and thermal conductor. But too chemically reactive to stay shiny for long. Probably need a very tough clear coat applied immediately.

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Hi OP! This has been analized a few times. I asked about sterling silver flashlights back in august and did some maths regarding weight and cost. Spoiler, it’s heavy, expensive soft (not durable), and chemically reactive, but has good thermal and electric conductivity. Similar to copper but more expensive.

Some folks posted a few custom made sterling silver flashlights. Gold is the next step.

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Silver already has the highest thermal conductivity of any pure metal.
After that it gets really expensive … flashlight body grown from a single piece of diamond, anyone?

Sterling silver (92.5% AG) is at least as durable as as copper, and we see loads of copper lights. We used sterling coins for money for a long time because of its durability. Yes it would be heavy and more expensive. But copper is heavy, and people are dropping $500+ on lights these days. Sterling silver makes as much sense as brass and copper lights! Yes it would develop a patina, but is easily cleaned. I just want a sterling light dangit!

I wonder, can I send hank some silver bullion and he make me a d4v2 out of it?!

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You could always consider silver plating on a copper light. That’s not terribly hard or expensive to do at home but you could also check with full service gunsmiths and jewelers, possibly a good musical instrument store, to see if they offer plating service. A lot of the at home products are just a silver salt brush-on type of application that is mostly to change color (the applied thickness is very very thin) but with the real thing you can get some very durable platings 20 microns or more. Some copper does better or needs a boundary layer application of nickel or something else to limit or prevent diffusion and flaking down the road and actually that’s probably a good idea anyway considering the elevated heat in flashlights. Best to protect the threads from plating in this case (I would think so, anyway).

Just a thought. Wouldn’t be solid $$$ silver but it would give the authentic look that stainless, ti, and “raw” aluminum don’t.

Ya they’re out there. But definitely not through any of the typical “budget flashlight” manufacturers. I don’t even trust half of them are using the grade of aluminum they claim to use, I definitely wouldn’t trust the stuff they call silver lol

And the ones that are out there arent going to be 21700 pocket rockets with anduril 2. They’re gonna be some decorative piece. Unless you can find one custom made by some of the real high end manufacturers, in which case expect it to cost about as much as a pre-owned corolla

I would love to see an ornate Aregentium silver. That said, it would be expensive. By my estimate a S2+ made from silver would have about $169 (at $21.12/ Troy ounce) worth of silver alone. And normal aluminum lights are made from subtractive manufacturing so a solid price of aluminum is cut away into a flashlight. To do that with silver would mean that you machine away hundreds of dollars in scrap. But still, I would like to see someone like Torchlab make one.

I’d love to have one and one of those old Sterling bracelets with my name engraved on both. :smile_cat:

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There will never be a silver light. Cost high, sales low, not happening. Even the Copper and Brass are highly limited production.

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copper - around 400
silver around 400
aluminium around 200
air is around 0.025

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There most likely will be very, very few Sterling Silver production lights.

BUT if one has enough money, he can have built whatever type light he wants out of whatever he wants it made of. :wink:

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$235 for a AAA light. I think that says it all.

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Yeah, but only one light. Like a Manker Boney. Just for kicks. I am not in need of a (Sterling) Silver BLT GT.

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Believe it or not i actually thought of making a heatsink\head out of silver, considering how much we spend on lights. and custom components, 30 bucks an oz is not that bad, if you need 10-15 oz chunk. but then i did the math, silver heat transfer rate is very similar to copper, so right there the benefits are already very questionable, then if you take into account that no matter how fast you move heat away from a led, you have to dissipate the heat into the air. and air has a pretty slow rate compared to metals, to compensate that large surface is required, with proper fin size/spacing. However with proper design of the head/heatsink aluminum is sufficient. Heat junctions are the biggest bottle necks. Making a head/heatsink/fins as one piece will do more than exotic metals.