Stolen Photo on Ebay From Flashlight Foy!

So I am looking on Ebay at seller "365bid" and I scroll down on this page which is for an "UltraFire WF501B CREE XML T6" and see a photo which is clearly from Flashlight Foy! Here is the Ebay Photo:

And Hold On! I was looking for a Foy review with the same area and believe I found the exact same photo! See this thread reviewing the Ultrafire UF-980L and here is his photo from that thread:

I was going to say that the Ebay photo didn't look like an XM-L's hotspot, but I guess I'm wrong! But I'm sure it's way off for representing the beam of the "UltraFire WF501B CREE XML T6"! I've never really trusted Chinese beamshot photos and now I have proof!


Good find Garry. I've noticed on many beamshots that they are just recycled pictures, often the shot has nothing to do with the flashlight being sold. I guess this makes Foy kind of a a celebrity, huh?

I wondered for a moment if Foy is selling on Ebay as "365bid", but quickly dismissed that!


i am wondering when kreisler gets acknowledged and popular for his BLF-uploaded scans (*.JPG). waiting for fame and viralism,


They may be out there! There's a whole lot of Ebay sellers with photos to go through!


You ought to contact the seller and tell them your turning them in to ebay for fraud. That's what it is. It won't do much good though. And even if ebay were to start cracking down on Asian sellers, they will just come back on as a different seller. Several of them have like 3 or more accounts. But there are some good ones.

Yeah, this was posted a couple of weeks ago.

You know you've been spending too much time on BLF when you can recognize another user's residence / property in a photo!


What was posted a couple weeks ago, about Foy's photo or about the Chinese sellers using different Ebay accounts?


Someone posted and let Foy know that some ebay sellers were using his photos.

Ok, guess I missed that, sorry.


No problem. It was posted in a flashlight review thread, good to have its own thread now so people are aware of it!

You guys want to have some fun? I'm in if you all are. Let's get a bunch of BLF members here to send that guy a message stating this.


I was very interested in your Ultafire 501B and was just about to buy it, but then I noticed that picture you stole from a guy on Budget Light Forum and it made me change my mind real quick. Thanks anyway.


That should get him to remove it.


Yeah, and link to the thread with the photo and explain you no longer want it because it's really a photo of an Ultrafire UF-980L!

Oh, and I went and did a search for the previous mention of Foy's stolen photos and I couldn't find it, so it wouldn't have done me any good to search first. (At least this didn't happen over at "the other forum" where I would have been castrated for doing such a thing and expected to know the post existed without it coming up in a search!)


Sorry, wasn't saying you shouldn't have posted this. I am glad you did!

I already sent my comment to the seller. I told him what I said above.

I sent the Foy link as well. I then said ebay ought to kick you off.

Anyone have experience with 365bid? Maybe they are a good seller? Just following what every other seller does.


Here is the thread I was referring too. Check the bottom.

I just logged into my eBay account and sent that %$^$*() a nasty message. You can clearly see the 980L in the photo if you blow it up a little.