Suggest me a bad ass thrower with a "wow factor"

Today I have three lights.

  1. UF 2100 modded by E1320 = “Wow, that is one bad ass powerfull light for its size”.
  2. Jacob A60 = “Wow, that is one bad ass thrower for that price”
  3. Skyray King = ” Wow that is one bad ass powerfull light……period”

So if I want a great powerfull thrower what would you suggest considing what I already have?
Budget………do not know but max 100usd, preferably less

Well, it is quite obvious, you need large output, small (single) emitter, big reflector, good heatsinking. Any of those lights will do, like:

I do not own it but it has the right specs, I'm sure it does the job of being a 'bad ass thrower', compared to what you have already.

It does not matter if it has some flood, but it must differ from the King or else the King is probably hard to beat in terms of power I assume?

2100 and King are not throwers. A60 is, but it is a pure thrower and probably won't give much wow in terms of total light output.

If you want just wow, then go with the King. $100 will give you a King, four good 18650s and a good charger.

But I already have the King and the UF2100 and I know they are not throwers…………
Not I want something that throws further than the King but maybe no just as floody.
Maybe that is not possible and I need to look at something with throw and flood since a single emitter might not do it for me, but I do not know si I need your expertice :wink:

Oops, my mistake. Somehow I misread you were choosing between the three lights.

100 bucks will get you some good lights, I bet. But my department is more like $20+ budget, so I'll let other members take this.


Sounds like you need an HD2010. Seems one of best deals right now is getting it through LightsCastle.


Just a little over your budget but I’m always wowed with my K40.

Use the code BLF10 to get ten percent off to bring it to 108$

If you find the right sale in the next day or two, you could get the 7G5 with collamitter head, or maybe the 7g9

Here are a couple more options

especially with the collimator head

it is sure to “Wow” you.

and another option similar to the K40 with a little less output but a similar form and a little less money.

I can’t say enough good things about either seller I have linked above. Both were great to deal with and have excellent products. Jetbeam SST-50 ….


How do ya like them apples…

It is a nice light, but not as powerful a thrower as the XM-L lights above. At ~35Klux, there are many other choices that would best this one.

It would be an excellent candidate for an XM-L U2/U3 swap, however. With the 4A driver pushing the XM-L chip, you could possibly gain ~80% more lux !!!

He’s got it. I think this will be your best option. My K40 smokes all my other good XM-L throwers including the EagleTac M3C4 U2, Crelant 7G5, and Olight M3X. And those are some very good XM-L throwers. But the K40 leaves them sitting in the dust.

Make your own. Nothing but a used camera lens, macro ring and a cheap XR-E flashlight

More throw than any of your big XM-L brutes.

that wouldn’t look like a torch outta Sanford & Son is my wild a guess. H) 8)

Do you have some more details of exactly how that is set up? I know reversing a camera lens will cause the inage to be tiny, so it must work similar to an aspheric, but exactly how and why the use of the macro? I would like to read more about that.

I also want to find the thread on CPF again where the guy used a fresnel lens and a (double convex I think), to make a super thrower out of it. I just can't find it again.

As far as the OP goes, just contact ILIKEFLASHLIGHTS, he's the thrower guy around here.

Yea but the beam from them XR-E throwers are totally useless at trying to search for anything. Pencil beam throwers are useless to me. I would rather have the spill from any XM-L thrower I have than a pencil beam XR-E. I have been that route and get rid of my Dereelight. It threw well, but I would much rather have the K40 that in my honest opinion threw and lit up better at longer distances.

Go look this thread at the photos I posted.

Nothing in its class for $108 shipped will touch it w/o a collimator head.

This light has plenty of good useable spill as well. It throws right with the TK70.