Sunwayman V11R on Ebay, $18.99. 2 left.

I don’t know if this is legit or not. Seller has good rating and lots of positive feedback. Used PayPal so if I don’t get it or get the wrong product I have the backing of Ebay and PayPal. Figured for $18.99 I would give it a shot.

Nice, always wanted one. But shipping to the Netherlands is “not specified”.

I imagine it’s not real cheap getting a package to the Netherlands.

….aaaand they’re gone… :wink:

Wow, that was fast.

Would be nice to know if someone else on here got one before they disappeared.

I did. Thanks

Excellent! Glad to hear it. I had been wanting one for a while but never found a really good deal on one until now.

Might be too good of a deal. I’ve carried one for years. Couldn’t hurt to have a backup

Well I hope it’s not too good to true. Just out of curiosity. Will that light take a 18350? Or is it 16340 only?

Mine is 16340 or AA with extender.

Gotcha, thank you.

Darn it, I wanted one! :frowning:

I also ordered one. Looks like we got both of the 2 they had.

Well I just went to the link and it said 3 sold with 2 available. So I ordered one. Now it says 4 sold with 4 available.
Smells a little fishy :UGHH:

OK I ordered one, paid with PayPal credit, so I will get refunded if something goes bad… Let’s see what happens, fingers crossed!

I looked over the ebay seller for any clues to a scam and looks like their legit. That still doesn’t rule out a hi-jacked account though.
Paypal and ebay for insurance, I’ll take the chance on getting a great light (one of my favorites) for 19 bucks. Pretty sure its gonna ship from china even though it says CA. I saw other comments about slow shipping.
It now says 3 available with 2 sold in the last hour. :FACEPALM:

I did the same thing. Like you I figured with using PayPal I wouldn’t have a problem if things go south. I also screen shot the ad and description so if it disappears for some reason I have it.

I’ll do that too just in case

Email says shipped. Estimated delivery Oct.15th. We’ll see