Sunwayman V11R on Ebay, $18.99. 2 left.

I got me a screen shot too. :wink:
I like to mod these with a LH351D 4000K 90CRI led and add a lighted tailcap.

I also just bought one too. Strange, when I checked earlier, it said sold out and now it is limited quantities available. Oh well, we have Paypal protection.

This is what i get for not living on the forum more… I am mad at myself now! That was a great deal and a wonderful light

Click on the link again. It says 5 available.

Well it does… hmm now this does seem slightly odd now… I am going to jump in and give it try though at this price

Does anyone know what the mcpcb size is? Someone was able to fit a triple in there. If so, I might buy another one to swap in a mcpcb.

Also interesting is that another seller has 20 for $29.99 each. Why the flurry of cheaper than normal V11rs?

I think this might be a scam but oh well, let’s see what happens its only $18 bucks with paypal protection…

Edit, so now the price is $20.79 and more than 10 available… hmmm! Feeling lucky??? }P

Too bad they don’t ship to Hawaii. I would have taken one. Oh well.

Might not be an outright scam (pay money, receive nothing), but maybe counterfeits.
I know there have been fake SWM products found floating around in the past, so certainly a possibility.

Great deal of not a scam. Would be nice to see some new v11rs here and maybe some new mods.

Don’t think it is a scam. The seller has 3,057 reviews and 99% positive feedback. I’m guessing the V11R is a very old light and Sunwayman decided to clear their inventory so selling these to distributors at liquidated pricing.

I think this would be a great EDC if we can put in some 90CRI emitters. I hoping this can support 16mm mcpcb so I can just drop in an E21A. I love the 4000k E21A in my Sofirn SF14.

I purchased two @ $18.99 from a California location, a bit of a gamble tho, number of sellers offering this light at rock bottom prices, odd…. my inner scam alert has been activated. Nobody said buying flashlights was ever gonna be easy.

I sure hope it’s not but unfortunately, in Ebay, historically all scams have very high positive feedback and reviews, always.

Looking back, BLF oldtimers will surely remember that Nitecore light/charger combo ( IIRC, Regular price at $260, offered online at $69+). Hundreds jumped in, received valid tracking numbers almost immediately (something was actually sent, btw), only to eventually receive cheap plastic trinkets not even worth a dollar.

Again, I sure hope this is not one of them scammers though.

Edit: Here is one of them in 2013: (100% feedback! )

Edit: Looking at his list of “other items for sale”, all are cheap and non-flashlight related, it’s scary.

I changed out the LED on my V11R. Just reflowed a different LED on the factory MCPCB. I didn’t think it was too hard. Also since the thread lock has now been removed, that allows me to get into it fairly easy to reapply some high vacuum silicon grease (Dow Chemical) in the future if the ring ever becomes loose.

Grab this light years ago for ~15$,
I’m still interested to get ext. tube for put 2AA

That’s a nice looking light!

Don’t know which one you are referring to. I have the AP-05 tube. It extends the lenght of the light by 17mm. Which is the space you need to put a 14500 (AA) in a light designed for a 16340 (CR123A). The box says: compatible with M10R, M11R, V10R, V11R, V10R Ti, V10R Ti², and V10R Ti+

Just checked it says more than 10 available. Seems like a scam.

The price dropped back down to $18.99. Not sure why would they use such a cheap and relatively unpopular item for a scam. It’s hardly worth the time. Rather use something like a PS4 or automotive parts that cost hundreds.

I kind of want to buy another one lol.