Supbeam X60

Looks like a RC40

Time for Pulsar to ping his SupBeam contact?

Alice of Supbeam told me USD299! :S

Well maybe SB can come through with a great GB like the K40.

Hey, guys, happy weekend.This is Alice from supbeam.
Any questions, please kindly contact me.

Many thanks
emai: or
akype:aliceflashlight tel:18673491142

At that price we may as well get an RC40…

Nice picture Alice :heart_eyes:

and welcome to the BLF :beer:
P.S. I think that T15 (1018 lumens version) or EC series would be interesting to many BLF members

Hi Alice

I'd like to see a one LED version

:slight_smile: happy weekend. The price for fenix RC40 is here. Official Fenix Store | Original Brand Authorized Retailer since 2006

hello Sirius9

Nice day.T15 and EC series are very good, as I am new to forum , I donot how to reply after your post. I only know how to make new post.

Alice :quest:

Welcome Alice!

To reply to someone, you can click on the “quote” button on the bottom right. Then, you can see the post you quoted above, just like this.

wow, so nice of you. :slight_smile: as English is not my mother language and I have never use the forum, I appreciate your help. Have a nice day.

No problem, it’s great to have you here, and your English is perfectly fine.

Do you have plans to work on future group buys with BLF? Thanks for your time.

I will try all my best to do it. But as the X60 is not on market yet, I need time to do it.
And I will try my best to talk to my boss about it. But as last time we lost some money in the group buy K40,
we paid a lot in the shipping cost. So I guess it is not a easy task for me to negotiate with my boss about starting
another group buy.
But I will try my best to help everyone get the best flashlight with the best price. I will update you here about it.
But I think the more buyers support this group buy, the easier I will negotiate with my boss. :slight_smile: So ,let’s struggle together. :party:


Just explain to him that a small write down for the shipping costs provided SupBeam a tremendous amount of goodwill and brand recognition. Cheaper and more effective than any advertisement he could have purchased. The K40 is one of the hottest - no pun intended - lights with enthusiasts today.

hey cellguy ,
This is a good suggestion and I will take your advice. But I think it still need some time to try my best to persuade my boss
to allow me to do the group buy. I will try, thanks again, have a nice weekend. :slight_smile:


Thanks for all your efforts Alice, we really appreciate it.

You are welcome, I also appreciate what you have done to support my selling job.

Hello Pulsar

I have sent you personal emails, have you got it, check your spam and refresh your email ID to find it and reply me by PM

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just responded to the email