Supfire L5 LED Cree XM-L2 Flashlight Free Shipping from DHgate Farfarled

LED Light Source: LED Cree XM-L2
Max Flux: 1100 Lumens
Color Temperature : Cool White
Switch Type: Tack Switch
Switch Mode: High/Mid/Low/Strobe/SOS
Battery: 1*26650 or 1*18650 Battey
Lens: Organic Glass
Body Material: Aviation Aluminium Alloy
Surface Treatment: Hard Anodized
Water Resistant: IP67
Flashlight Size: Length 145mm,Head Diameter 40mm,Tail Diameter 35mm
Color: Gray
Weight: 160g

Retail price:22.06 USD
BLF member price:20.79 USD, kindly send PM to me, I will change the price for you
More details, kinldy click Supfire L5

What is "organic glass"?

I love the arowana, I have had mine in my 400 gallon tank for about 5 yrs now

I'm not sure if this is a serious question but I'll answer it anyway. Its the opposite of non organic glass.

Ah, of course!

I heard it was found inorganic glass.

From the pictures, it looks like a nice light!!

Has there been BLF reviews on this light ? Anybody here have a Supfire light ?

Read the bottom of the ad. It states—Retail Price:$22.06 usd——BLF member

price:$20.79—-Send PM to him and he will change the price—More details ,

kindly click SUPFIRE L5——Click on Supfire L5 and it takes you to his site ,

showing the light for US-$19.13—19.85/piece. I guess he can change price.

:expressionless: “Looks can be deceiving” and “Sometimes , all is not as it appears” :~

> BLF member price:20.79 USD

Hey, if you want to pay the BLF member price I’m not gonna stop you, but note that if you click the link he gives, you can buy it for US $19.85 by pretending to be just an ordinary person ….

The OP is from June.

That’s odd, he’s just now getting replies to his posting ?

Pretty much.

For the US, Richard is getting these in by the end of the week - not sure of price yet.

For me, looks like a step up in quality of the F13 clones (real SS bezel maybe), and much nicer side switch, plus it can swim with the fishies.

$19.13 to $19.85 US dollars. $23.50 to $24.40 Australian. I see a problem here. I'm not one that usually complains but this gets my goat up. 10% max in price difference I can wear. This is not the only dealer that does this and I will not buy from a dealer that subsidies one country over another. 23%. Maybe its a mistake but that is there problem.

Who is Richard ? Is that farfarled’s name ?

Since this light can “sleep with the fishes” ,

should it now be named—Luca Brasi ! (The

guy who was the hit man for Don Vito Corleone

in the first Godfather movie.) :smiley: :bigsmile:

Richard is the owner/operator of, and is a modder/hobbyist/hacker like many of us Smile, besides being a lawyer.. (wut?) Well, no one is perfect Smile.

Just fyi... I've bought several lights from farfarled and he's been great to deal with - no problems at all.

Aha ! So, you are using insider info , when telling

about the upcoming arrivals of the flashlights and

your knowledge of Richard. |( (I’m just joking) :bigsmile:

Where is he located ? What else do you know about

the flashlights ?

Richard is RMM here on BLF - he's in Seattle. He's been announcing stuff on his thread (, but I do talk to him in pm's on occasion Wink.

Either get a 28degrees master card or a Citibank Plus transaction account. Both are free to hold with no fees, and they use the mid-market exchange rate you see on So they don’t skim any money on international purchases. You can then use the US price seen on sites instead of charging in AUD. You can also link it to your Paypal.

Thanks for the idea. I'll look into it but will still only buy from buyers that are not price gouging.