Surefire, is it really all that?

Perusing that ‘other’ forum. One cannot help but notice the Surefire bandwagon. Not I know nothing about Surefire, except they seem to come with what seems to me as a inflated price tag. But to hear the hubbub… They are the spoken about with the reverence of a light used by Zeus to illuminate Mt. Olympus…. Whats the deal?


What with the following & prices?

And again, no.
The difference is bragging rights for sticker price. Like Rolex vs. Timex, the less expensive one can easily best the more expensive. But nobody brags about a Timex.

If Convoy S3s sold for $200 a pop, that’s all you’d be hearing about at CPF. Especially the gold ones! :wink:


How dare you. You must now say three Hail Marys, and genuflect at the temple of Greta.

Seriously though, Surefire makes decent (if overpriced) lights with an excellent warranty. The hype is, well, just that. Sometimes people feel better paying more for things, convinced that the higher price actually means higher quality.

You will often see the defenders speaking of intangibles, such as "feel" or other nonsense.


Overpriced, outdated emitters, and too much cult following over there.


I have 3 surefire lights.
I haven’t used them in 4 years maybe.

There was no wow factor with the 6p’s over a solarforce for me.
Funny thing tho
I had my solarforce stolen over my surefire at work a few years ago.

Go figure lol

Last surefire I had was an E2 incan. That I sold Waaaaaaaaay back! haven’t missed it one bit! Wish I had kept the original 6P, they fetch a small fortune these days! :frowning:

Looked like this one, pic is not mine

I really like the no-hassle warranty… not quite sure about international customers though.

The warranty can’t be beat, I’m third owner on a Surefire A2 Incan with blue led’s. my tailcap was occasionally malfunctioning, I sent an email hoping they’d help me troubleshoot, I got it to work four out of five times properly, and they sent me a brand new tailcap and a window sticker.
That pretty much earned my loyalty right there. Event though I admitted I’m not the original owner they honour the lifetime warranty.
I own 2 A2’s, an A2L blue, a modded L1, two 6pd, c2 and a G2. The p60 hosts are built like tanks, even the Oveready bored ones. The stock tailcap on a 6Pd will handle more juice than a Solarforce from what I’ve read. Mine has handled 5.6 amps with no problems. The lens is twice as thick as most p60 hosts.

There was a thread by a member who dropped his e1b in a running garbarator. The e1b was still running when he fished it out. Surefire offered him a new light, for it (he declined, I’d have accepted)

My advice buy a Surefire like A frugal mind buys cars. Buy them used, while there’s still p60 surefire hosts left. There other lights, well they are cool but they don’t push the envelope unless there the $1000 and up lights.

Are they my favorites? No but if I was military or police, I’d own more of them. I’d use them as backups to a main light. That’s my two cents about it :wink:

I own several Surefire’s, my go to home defense light when I’m using my 1911 is a M2 Centurion. I bought it new and it came with the 2 p60 incan’s. Once the LED drop in’s surpassed the incans I switched, first with a cree g2 I believe and now a Cree xml u2 and 3.7v RCR123’s it is the brightest flood type light i own, works EVERY time and has NEVER failed. only my Trustfire x9 seems brighter i think because of the throwing and tighter beam. I have a g2 nitrolon with Cree drop in works perfect and also an EL2 Outdoorsman stock that has a very long run time at about 60 lumens…I know their expensive but you CANNOT deny the craftsmanship and warranty!! Are they worth it? Depends on you and your application, they seem to out last the Chinese lights…

What is a good dependable… ( new ) model surefire has came put with?

P2X Fury. I got the tactical one. 500 lumens. Love it. The quality is some of the best I have ever handled. I was thinking what is so great about Surefire. I just dont see it, untill I got the fury. Now I see what a lot of the fuss is about.

I’m trying to figure out how to mount my BTU To my 12 gauge double barrel coach gun.

That made me laugh out loud. I had to look around to make sure no one was within earshot :slight_smile:
I don’t think they make gun mounts for Shockers Dale :wink:
Check with your local welding shop for something custom, maybe in stainless steel. :slight_smile:
Edit: come to think of it, adding the weight of a Shocker would really help the kick when you pull both barrels :wink:


i bet i could fab something up :wink:
actually, i know someone here could machine something to do the trick. mount it on the bottom like a grenade launcher

Oh hell yeah!! OO OO OO