Teaser Thread - 2nd. Annual BLF Scratch Made Light Contest - Teaser ..........

Well... It's the First of February somewhere. Why should I wait for the First of February Central time, when so many countries already are in the First of February?

2nd. Annual BLF Scratch Made Light Contest

Teaser Thread

Hello everyone,

I just want to plant the seed with all of you thought in your minds. There is going to be a 2nd. Annual Scratch Made Light Contest here at BLF and It’s going to start sooner than you think.

I will be making a Contestant Sign Up Thread on the 1st. of March. You will have the entire month of March, to sign up for the contest. The Contest itself will start on the 1st. of April and run till the 30th. of June. Yes, 3 full months to get your build done and if you’re really sharp, it is four months, or maybe even five, if you start planning now.

Oh, man! It’s going to be a Big contest this year and the prizes are AWESOME! ALL of the prizes this year are being sponsored by Dealers! Illumination Supply, CNQuality goods, Tmart, Wallbuys, LightsCastle, E2 Field Gear & Mountain Electronics And some of the prizes are going to be "touched" by modders here, before they go out to prize winning contestants.

Sorry, I can’t, (well I won't), tell you any more than that, but if you saw any of last year’s contest, you got to believe that this one will be bigger and better.

Keep an eye out for a Contestant sign up thread on the 1st of March, with all the details of the contest and the AWESOME PRIZES!

See ya!


Oh my.


Start growing your silicon crystals soon, LED's don't grow on trees.

Better start drinking early…… :beer:

I better start reading last years’ contest thread and see if this is within my abilities.


(Are we doing a “build a light with whatever crap we found by the roadside” contest? ’cause I’ve been thinking I should be picking up those mangled wrenches and ladders.)

I’ve started mining my copper ore.

Not going to buy us a drink first ?

Not for all you flashlight sluts. I will rephrase it.

this is interesting contest, too bad i missed it last year, i sure want to take part in it this year.

just have to think of something “out of the box”.


I love seeing what people make on these. Thanks, OL.

I’m out. I couldn’t pass a drug test in a pink fit. The wife rang me yesterday before I’d left the water and said that there was a drug and alcohol tester half way home with no way around it and the dogs had to be restrained in the car. The dogs were restrained with an old ski rope, I’d only had a couple of light beers but do drug testing also pick up prescription type pain killers. Luckily they had packed up before I’d got to them. It was over the temp that was safe to work outside. Ok I’m not out but will have to see how we are at the time. Thanks OL for going to the effort. I also love to see what the creative geniuses come up with here. Last year was orsm from the hand built guys. I bags that they all win this year.

Steve, you are out when I say you are out. You are in, not out, so just take a few more pills and save up your energy for April.

:_( :slight_smile:

Hedley Lamarr, RIP Harvey Korman but knowing him he’d be happier ROFLHAO.