Tell us your next flashlight purchases

I thought it would be fun and informative for everyone to see what flashlights other BLF members are planning on buying next.

This can be used for reference, to get new ideas, to start conversation of recommendations and tips from other members on what to buy, where to buy, better prices, pros, cons, mods etc.

No doubt this has been done before so if anyone knows of an ACTIVE recent thread on this subject (I couldn’t find one) please advise and I will delete this. I’m aware of this thread: What have you got on order and why, however this topic will be limited to flashlights only (or all the parts for custom build light) and here you can also list lights you have decided on but haven’t actually ordered yet.

Please list only flashlights, and models that are currently available (or have been announced by the manufacture as upcoming) also if desired list any parts and accessories (including batteries) that will be used specifically for the lights you listed (or a complete list of parts that will be used to build a custom flashlight)

Please try to limit your list to no more than 12 flashlights you have already decided on buying.
If desired list separately any lights still under consideration. (you can edit your post later if you change your decisions)

Feel free to mention any related info or commentary such as the reason for your decision of the light, where you plan on buying, links, prices, discount codes, planned mods, specific use for the light (if any) and to ask questions about your decisions such as where to buy, availability or recommended mods. Also feel free to update when you order or receive the light by putting the word ORDERED or RECEIVED next to it on the list.

If anyone already has the same light that someone has in their list, please post any recommendations and tips on where to buy, better prices, pros, cons, mods etc.

Not really a “dream list” so please do not list: Lights not currently made but you would like to see put into production, lights you want but are not actually planning on buying within the next 3 or 4 months. (That could be done as another topic if it hasn’t already) :slight_smile:

Here’s my list:

+Trustfire Z2 from Fasttech
+Olight i3s from Fasttech
+Ultrafire T20 ($24 BLF special price) from Ultrafire shop
+Ultrafire WF3T6 from Lightmalls
+Jacob A60 ($15.17 w/coupon code 37B12off) from Aurabuy (may try modding with an XM-L2)
+Roche F12 3/5 mode XM-L T6 NW4C 8*AMC7135 from Fasttech
+Solarforce L2N Body & A001 Head from ” Solarforce Sales L2N”: A001 Head
(plus ALXM drop-in NW 3mode OP from Intl-outdoor)
+Solarforce M8 from Solarforce Sales
+EagleTac D25A clicky XM-L2 NW from Light Junction (OR Ti version from EagleTacUSA)
+DQG AAA IV NW from Fancy Flashlights/CNQG
+Zebralight sc52w sc52w Pre-Order
L3 Illumination L10 Nichia 219 - 4 mode sbflashlights (plus an L10 pocket clip)
Also currently have a Fandyfire Rook in route

Maybe Firefox 4. 6000 lumens and 300+kcd, she is a serious toy for sure.

I just received a Supbeam K40 XML2 today so yet to try it out. I am seriously considering now the TK75 that Fast Tech has just discounted.

Despite it being old and outdated by today’s standards, I want to get another Fenix tk20 after losing my old one on a camping trip.

I’d also like to get a TK35, but I can’t afford to splurge that much on flashlights for a while.

I was also thinking of getting a few more cheap XML C8’s off of FastTech as gifts sometime soon.

I am looking forward to the release of Zebralight SC52W too. It just showed up for pre-order on their site today.

beam0, I checked on the Eagletac D25A at but it is in cool white. I do not see it being offered in XM-L2 NW. Did I miss something?

Got my eye on a few right now. Ea8, BTU, TN31 and a couple of Zebralights. SC600 and SC52.
Down the road a little bit. RC40 and one of the Olight Ultra Throw lights.
A battery extension for my TK75.
Might get another Black Shadow Terminator because I like it so much.

don't quote me on that but i am stocking up my panties with higher quality lights for higher enjoyment. i might pull the trigger on

Sunwayman M11R or V11R from Fasttech (old LED technology!!)


Eagletac TX25C2 with XM-L2 (latest LED technology, highly reviewed by selfbuilt) from

Or both?? :bigsmile:


thanks for the tip!

i am also considering the silver version. that's how FT calls the sirius lol.

I’m waiting for fasttech to stock the neutral white V11R.
@ kreisler wallbuys has the M11R sand for 52.39-15%=44,5$

A nice thrower like a Thrunite TN31 to compare with my Convoy L2
Prefs the XM-L2 version.

Too bad, for TN31, bit on a Solarforce S2200

I just pre-ordered the Zebralight SC52w from the Zebralight website. Pre-orders went up yesterday. Projected ship date is June 21 (though they often slip so it could be a month later).

Lumens output is identical to the SC52 cool white. The SC52w uses a 4400k XM-L2.

pre-order link

On my list are:

1. Fire-Foxes HID FF4 (and along with it - 4 new 18650s) because it’s 6000 lumens and should have some powerful throw.

2. FLEX Asgard from FastTech - world’s first Bluetooth programmable flashlight.

3. Blackshadow EVA - another AAA light to my collection

Pretty much these, other than that, also looking at Fenix TK75, BTU Shocker, AK-47, all the big lights… but I guess I’ll pass.

Thanks for the news about the sc52w pre-order. For the D25A clicky in XM-L T6NW I’m not sure why Going Gear isnt showing NW I thought that’s what I linked to in my list but looking at it now I can’t tell from their site what emitter is is at all. So I updated the link to show where it is available, (at Light Junction) Here’s the link: I’m going to have to contact GG about availability of the NW version. Thanks for pointing out my mistake.

Thanks for posting the pre-order link, I updated it on my list too.

Do you know if there is any benefit to pre-ordering from ZL other than getting it sooner? (as opposed to waiting till the are out and stocked by dealers)

Also maybe one of the dealers will soon be offering a special discount to pre-order through them?

FF4 is interesting, I was reading the FF4 group buy thread yesterday.

+1 on the FLEX Asgard from Fasttech, I’m strongly considering that one too, might wait till someone gets one and does a review. I have to see if I have a device to program it with, I do have a smart phone with android and bluetooth, and I have a mini tablet with android but no bluetooth, my laptop doesn’t have bluetooth either, I kind of wish they would have added a mini USB port, they could have just put a rubber cover on it or maybe put it inside, I also may wait to see what the next versions are going to be.

I have the BS EVA, it’s small and bright, my 1st AAA keychain light, I took it off my key ring though because it looks like the anodize is going to start rubbing off and i’m going to buy a few other AAA keychain lights so I want to keep the EVA like new in case I gift it.

Also have you got a BlackShadow Terminator? I have two, it’s pretty awesome and rates up there with the TK, BTU, and AK.

Yeah I saw that you have the BlackShadow Terminatow CW already, and you bought yourself another NW! Yep I also have one already and it’s CW. So was just curious how TK-75, BTU or AK-47 compares, since I pretty much got nothing to compare it with (apart from a Fandyfire SRK). But I’ll save up for FF4 instead I guess!

Waiting for the FLEX Asgard reviews… should be out these few days! You got a smart phone with android and bluetooth - as long as the app works with your phone it should be good enough. Then again, most laptops have in-built bluetooth nowadays so I suppose your laptop is quite old. Alternatively, get a simple bluetooth dongle, or borrow a friend’s phone to program the light, and make your friend interested to buy one Asgard also :smiley:

I’ve got the asgard on pre order, not too worried about the programming, I use the most up to date Samsung galaxy s3 so it should do the trick.

I’m pretty sure the review lights have arrived or in transit as I know the has already posted a screen shot of the beta programming set up.

What he showed of that, I’m pretty damm excited tbh

I received both the V11r from Fasttech and the TX25C2 from IlluminationGear recently.

The V11R’s UI, output, form factor, battery options with the extender, and feel is great. It is currently being modified for a more neutral tint and slight bump in output. It is a very nice EDC type light.

The TX25C2 is amazing. I didn’t have the XM-L version but this thing throws for a stock light. The tint is a little cold for my tastes but the output is down right staggering. I have a few lights but still catch myself looking at this little light and being caught with wonder on how this little thing can put out sooo much light. If you don’t mind the larger size, cold tint, and preflash I would highly recommend this light even over the Sunwayman.

Some other lights I will be getting shortly:

Either a TM26 from Fasttech or a TK75 from Fasttech
Solar Storm modified by Vinh

Maybe lights include:

One of the new MT-G2 offerings
A very nice custom titanium EDC of some sort
The other light that I didn’t chose initially from my above choice
FF4 from somewhere, anywhere I can


LXP SS Bezel 1 or 2 x 26650 (oddly named)

XinTD C8 V4

ALXM module

FLEXCandles Asgard (review sample)


Solarforce S2200

TrustFire TF-R2

Palight H900

The Palight looks like a good deal with a 26650 and charger included. The clear 18650 sleeve is kinda cool too.


I’m waiting Armytek Wizard Pro

Just put the money down on it. Plus batteries from FT.

Next will be the Nitecore SRT7. Heaps of blinky!

Between these lights that’s my budget for the year gone and then some.

Wife will not be happy!

Sorry, I know neither are budget lights, but you gotta treat yourself to some unique lights now and then.