TEST AA: BATTERIES Eneloops - Primary Lithium (NICE and ENERGIZER) - Alkaline

I hope this information will help someone choose AA batteries.

Alkaline: Premio (cheap alkaline) and Duracell Procell.
NiMh: Eneloop 1900 mA and Eneloop 2400 mA.
Primary Lithium (1.8V): Energizer Lithium and NICE Lithium.

For testing I have selected a reliable AA flashlight Klarus P1A

Official Data KLARUS P1A:

- Two output modes: ——Max output: 150 Lumens/ 1.5 hrs ——Low output: 11 Lumens/ 28 hrs

- Working Voltage: 0.9V - 1.8V

  • Battery: 1pc 1.5V AA (Alkaline, Ni-MH)

There are interesting results.
I hope that this information will serve to help someone.
Greetings to everyone


Some graphic extra;

Runtime EA1 Mode medium 40 Lum (Something is wrong with this flashlight, great difference with official data)

Runtime Galaxy X-Power AA

Runtime Xtar WK50

Runtime Nitecore MT1A

Runtime Thrunite Neutron 1A

Runtime Sunwayman C15a

Runtime Sunwayman R10a

Runtime Rofis ER12

Runtime Fenix E11



Wow, the NICE on actually is fairly nice. ;) Where did you get it from?

Fasttech purchased cheaply.
I was surprised by the good competition with Energizer. :bigsmile:

Are these the NICE batteries ?

YES :wink:

Added to my cart, so they will be in my next order with Fasttech. I'll test them to provide some actual mah numbers.

It will be interesting.
I still hope for a decent charger to measure capacity. I’m waiting for the arrival of a BC-700.

Thanks for this review mate, I was waiting to see if the NICE cells were ok, and i guess so!

WOW!!! Thank for the test Trevi_lux… I will order the Nice lithium from FT right now!

Hey Trevi_lux…

What is the no load voltage of the Nice cells before using them (when receiving them)?

(fastech says 1.5v Lithium. If I am not wrong, Lithium primary are 1.7volt)

thanks for the test and efforts!!

as we learn and knew no surprise our P1A is regulated §$%&!ly ;)

kreisl wrote:

The “Nice” received from Fasttech, are above 1.8V (1.82-1.83V) :smiley:
I have the Klarus from a year ago and I used little. But I think I’ll put in the car with a lithium inside :wink:

Anyone tested these Enelong ?

I read comments at Taobao site, some said are good batteries. I might try a pack since I’m filling FastTech cart with one of these.

Wow! Impressive! Thanks for testing and posting! Gonna have to pick me up some Nice batteries!


+1. Thanks for the review. I've been eyeing the NICE cells since FT listed them and been waiting for someone to review.

You do have a collection of batteries. You even provided a data sheet, too. Nice

I got 2 packs and I just tested 4 batteries, two from each pack.
Fresh out of the box I discharged them at 1A and I got the following
Battery 1: 1770Mah
Battery 2: 1778Mah
Battery 3: 1776Mah
Battery 4: 1762Mah

Then I charged them and tested again fresh out of the charger and I got the following:
Battery 1: 1882Mah
Battery 2: 1885Mah
Battery 3: 1884Mah
Battery 4: 1883Mah

So it’s basically 1900Mah at 1A for all of them, and very little variance. They pretty much perform like the last Eneloops I got. Not sure about how they retain charge in the long term, but the “out of the box” values are really promising imho.

Wow, they sure looks promising & very impressive balance capacities out from a random blister pack.

For the price, its hard to beat but yea, don’t know in long term usage/storage.

Thank you for your time to test them superpila :beer:

*What’s the Charger*for Primary Lithium (1.8V): Energizer Lithium and NICE Lithium?

Nitecore i4 can work or not ?

AFAIK Primary Lithium are not rechargeable.

Nitecore i4 can charge rechargeable Li-ion & Ni-MH batteries.