Test: Himax 18650 2600mah protected li-ion battery from ebay member protacticalshop19

Hi guys!

Here are the results of my first discharge test of the Himax 2600mah 18650 battery. I bought them from ebay member protacticalshop19 here:


I emailed him at sales@protacticalshop.com to see if I could get a better quote if I bought several and sure enough, if you buy several you get a better price, he sent me a Paypal invoice and the price per cell was a little lower than the current XTAR 18650 2600mah deal you guys have running here in BLF and they shipped really fast, I ordered on Thursday 7/5/12 and received them on 7/7/12, no waiting for overseas shipments!

He also included a nice 18650 x 4 cell pouch to store the cells.

Overall I had a great experience with this seller, and would definitely recommend his business for future battery purchases.

Here are the pics of the very first discharge test at 1amp draw from 4.19v to 2.68v, it measured 2553mah.

Shane is without a doubt my favorite seller. Every flashlight I have bought from him has arrived within 3 days every single time. You can’t beat that.

Good dealer, good cells. I've been happy with protacticalshop.

If you want a great price and fast shipping Shane is your go to guy, #1 Seller

just cant resist the urge to buy one !! :heart_eyes: