Test/Review of Allmaybe 6 port 60W CU6

Allmaybe 6 port 60W CU6

Official specifications:

  • Power: 60W

  • Input: 100-240V~1.45A 50-60Hz

  • DC Output: 5V/12A(each port 2.4A max)

  • Size: 99(L) x 80(W) x 29(H) mm / 3.9(L) x 3.1(W) x 1.1(H) in

  • Weight: 198g/7.0 oz

I got it directly from Allmaybe

I got it in a simple white cardboard box.

The box contained the charger, a mains cable, a pouch, a warranty note and a note. There was no manual and it is not really needed for this usb charger.

Charge and mains cable in the pouch.

The black surface is lightly rubberized.

  • Power consumption when idle is 0.08 watt (Very good)

  • All usb output is coded as auto coding with Apple 2.4A as maximum.

  • All usb outputs are in parallel.

  • There is a blue led between the usb ports.

  • Weight without any accessories or mains cable is 204 grams.

  • Size is 99x80x28mm

Stable output at any current and a very high efficiency, but it do not look like there is any individual port protection.

Running all port in parallel I could draw just above 13A before the overload protection kicked in, this is a good limit for a 12A charger.

And the charger can deliver 12A for one hour.
The temperature photos below are taken between 30 minutes and 60 minutes into the one hour test.

M1: 61,9°C, M2: 59,0°C, M3: 55,5°C, HS1: 70,4°C
At 12A the charger get fairly warm, but not too hot.
HS1 is the mains transformer. M1 and M2 is the two heat sinks.

M1: 54,4°C, M2: 67,0°C, M3: 45,7°C, HS1: 76,5°C

M1: 59,5°C, M2: 54,0°C, HS1: 64,8°C

M1: 56,8°C, HS1: 58,5°C

HS1: 70,2°C

At 0.5A the noise is 6mV rms and 104mVpp.

At 1A the noise is 8mV rms and 98mVpp.

At 2.5A the noise is 13mV rms and 132mVpp

At 12A the noise is 21mV rms and 240mVpp

Tear down

A few hard whacks with my mallet on it and the front popped off.

It looks like a nice layout and very few parts for this powerhouse of a charger.
At the input there is a fuse (F1), the blue disc (RV1:MOV) is overvoltage protection. Then we have a common mode coil, a capacitor (CX) and one more common mode coil (Looks like a fairly decent noise filter). Under the white stuff is a bridge rectifier. On the heatsink (HS1) is the mains switcher transistor (Q1). Close to the heatsink is the safety capacitor (CY1) and a NTC (NTC1), this is probably used to shut down the electronic if it gets too hot (Very nice). Besides the transformer is opto feedback (U2).
On the low voltage side there is the synchronous rectifier (Q8), between the 6 usb connectors the blue led can be seen.

The heat shrink on the heatsinks are used for isolation.

Besides the mains input is the black fuse and the blue MOV.

Most of the IC’s are on this side. The mains switcher has many components in parallel, both resistors and diodes, this is usual done to increase power/current handling capability, without using larger parts.
The mains switcher is U1 (Marked 675S9) and placed very close to Q1. It looks like some rework has been done around here.
On the low volt side we have the synchronous rectifier controller (U5), voltage reference (U3 TL431),
At last we have the auto coding chips (U4, U6, U7, RH7902B).

Creepage distance is above 6mm.

The heatsinks are isolated with double layer heat shrink where it has to withstand mains voltage.

Testing with 2500 volt and 5000 volt between mains and low volt side, did not show any safety problems.


This is a very good charger for charging many phones or pads at once, it can handle 5 or 6 pads at a time. The output voltage is stable, it will automatic select the coding to get as fast charge as possible, noise is very low, the efficiency is good and the temperature is acceptable.

I like the charger, but I will only give it a good rating, because it is missing individual port protection (Most multi-port charges has this problem).


The usb charger was supplied by Allmaybe for a review.

Read more about how I test USB power supplies/charger

Thank you, HKJ, for such insightful sharing!

Hi there,

I am sorry for not taking it into consideration that most friends here are in Europe but this product is only avaliable on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca at present. Apologize for the inconvenience. Friends beyond US and CA can purchase via this link:

Due to we offer a $4 off coupon on Amazon for friends who purchase after reading HKJ’s review, we follow the same way on Ebay. You can make an offer of $15.99 to us directly. Please be informed that the “make offer” function for this product will be closed at the end of this month.

We will keep developing more great products. Please keep your eyes on us.

Thanks, guys!

H’mmm. The Ebay web site says it ships to Australia but a warning pops up saying it does not ship to Australia. Now thats what I call double Dutch.

The eBay link also says it does not ship to the UK.

Nice review, HKJ - thanks.

Hi Friends here,

We have fully checked the listing settings and make sure it ships to worldwide. Meanwhile, we have newly created another listing, which I have added to my first comment. Hope it helps.

Please tell me whether it works!

Sorry for the troubles.

Looks good. Too bad does not ship everywhere. Thanks as always HKJ.

I’m a little confused. When I checked this morning, your original link had been changed to include shipping to the UK. Now both links say “May not ship to the UK”. That will certainly deter most casual visitors to eBay.

allmaybe not ship to your address :disappointed:

Guys, sincerely apologize for the disappointment you have suffered. There is something wrong with the ebay system. My colleagues in sales department have resorted to Ebay assistance and are pending ebay’s response.
Till now, the page says “ships to worldwide”, as you can see in the attached photo, but I am not sure whether it will work when friends outside US make purchase. So, you are always welcome to contact me if you need any help.
There is one more thing I need to make clear. We give up the Ebay’s international shipping program since buyers will be charged a considerable shipping fee. We choose to ship from our factory directly and only $5 will be charged, to worldwide. However, that means it may take as long as 7 to 15 days to arrive.
Anyway, we will try our best to make it available to friends all over the world. Thanks for your great support to Allmaybe.

:person_facepalming: at present, it’s ture, but we will finally make it :wink: .

It’s just too late. I went over and finally ordered the Blitzwolf 5 port charger from Bangood yesterday. It was on sale at $15.

Thank you all the same for your interest. Please keep your eyes on us too. Anyway, it’s not a bad thing to have many choices.

Allmaybe sent me a free unit of the charger without me asking. I appreciate the nice gesture guys. I do hope the CS keeps on the good track :slight_smile:
Allmaybe. Thanks for sending me a free unit of your charger. It is looking great. HKJ: Which charger between this one and the blitzwolf would you use? Both of your reviews is good for the chargers….

Looks like the Allmaybe might be the better charger when reading both reviews again.

The Blitzwold is a 5 port, the Allmaybe is a 6 port and has considerable more power.
I.e. if you need 6 ports or wants to charge many pads, the Allmaybe is best.
For less demanding usage they are just about equal in performance, then it is more a questions about accessories and price.

You are always welcome! Every customer who had suffered the purchase failure last week was provided a free Allmaybe CU6 USB charger as a gift. And good news is that the link works now. Allmaybe CU6 is available for friends anywhere in the world.
Allmaybe will strive to offer great products and warm customer service as we can, so please stay tuned.

Thank you, it’s on the way from Amazon.

Thank you for purchasing with Allmaybe. Should you need any help, feel free to contact us please.

My charger arrived today - a big thank you to Allmaybe for the free copy. I’ve only charged a couple of things with it so far, but it does the job very well. I really like the fact that the standby current as measured by HKJ is very low, and it can output 2.4A to each port (I’ll probably only ever use 2 or 3 at a time).

Altogether much better than my old Ioncell 4 USB adapter.

Thanks again Allmaybe - a very nice gesture sending out this gift.

Really nice to see vendor paying such attention to customer relations!