Texas Avenger "TA" Driver series - Triple channel + Bistro or Narsil + Clicky or E-switch - The Ultimate open source driver!

Don’t forget that moon is counted separately from the rest of the modes, you can turn moon on or off in the menu. If you turn it off it should be correct.

The modes in the op should be right depending on what lexel used. I released a slightly revised version a few weeks ago I call V1.3. Mostly just minor changes that I think work a bit better in the real world after using it for a year. You can see the layout of the revised modes if you download the firmware zip file.

That should do it :smiley:

I have some questions regarding level_calc.py, where’s the best place to ask them?

TK wrote it but I'm familiar with it. But best place would be a firmware thread such as TK's firmware repository thread.

Thanks for putting these driver designs together. I have replaced all of my drivers with TAv1s (OTSM variant with custom mode groups), which has solved all of the problems I have had with other drivers.

last chance to sign up for this nice driver build and ready to use
got still some sizes not used 46mm 2S SRK included, this board can be modified to 1S as well

and Oshpark had its bad day getting me 6 drivers again with wrong solder stop paint

The T/A 30mm Narsil 2S E-switch only you built for me rocks my SD75XHP70 P2-1C! Had to make a driver adapter and modify the retainer ring, but it came out really good, love those copper crush washers!!

So far used 3/6 T/A 30mm Narsil Lexel Built drivers in the SD75 L6 and UT02

:wink: :+1: Excellent work Lexel!

Modded 46mm 2S/2P to 2S/4P

drilled out the connections on batt negative pad with 0.5mm drill on my Dremel

as the new design of the Q8 has 2 screws holding the driver it might be good if you could make a board that fits it

I got no problem having the board held by some silicone blobs to the head

I’ve not read whole thread so if this has been covered then I apologise.
Would it be possible to make the 46mm SRK driver with a single contact point in the centre of ~10-12mm for 2s devices. This would then work brilliantly for the MT07 as it uses a double spring in centre that contacts the top of the carrier, the carrier itself is then configured 2s2p with the outer being - and inner being +.

Got a picture of what you are talking about?

If you just need the copper pour in the center of the driver, then they all already have this, it just has solder mask over it. You can scrape off the mask or you could solder a disc over the mask.

That’s the MT07 driver (photo picked from Tom E’s thread)

You could use the zener mod on the normal driver for that but you really want an LDO for an e-switch. Nothing would easily work for that without some heavy modding. It could be redesigned to work with that but I have pretty much stopped development on these drivers as I am wanting to put my efforts into the next gen of drivers with new MCU’s and layouts.

Ooooh, where do you get a beastie like this?

I’m looking for a 22mm ~3A (8×7135, don’t care if 2.8A or 3.1A) in just stoopit 1-mode, on/off.

No idea if a FET driver can limit the current so, but the driver in this pic looks absolutely mouthwatering.

If I can use a TA driver and program it to 1-mode with Biscotti, tell me? Don’t want unregulated output, and don’t want to use 2 cells in the F13 for use with a buck driver.

I got this modification to TA 2S Skyray driver

drilled out the connections on the LED - pad
and bridged all 4 pads

2 drivers are still for sale can be modded to 1S/4P, 2S/2P and 2S/4P

That is a TA driver in the pic. It can easily do what you want, just build or buy a 22mm driver and then select mode the mode group you want. For a 1 mode regulate setup you would want mode group 10.

Although you can do the same thing with a convoy biscotti driver if you will never use any of the other features.

If you plan to make a new series of drivers then may I suggest designing one for this flashlight (MT07) as if it becomes possible to get a smooth reflector for it then I can see this being a brilliant XHP70.2 thrower if driven properly.

This was a pretty simple change and I had a few minutes so I went ahead and made a TA version of this. I added it to the OP.

I don’t use 7135’s with 2s+ setups anymore, just had too many issues with them frying and staying on no matter what. Really annoying and not worth the hassle for a bit lower moon mode on a massive light like this.

TA46 LDO - 46mm Skyray driver that has an LDO setup with a single contact

This driver is basically the same as the one above except it has a single contact pad. This means that you will need to use a cell carrier to get the input voltage setup for 2s or 4s. It can accept and work with 1s, 2s, 3s, or 4s input voltages as long as the output LED setup matches the input (aka, 6v LED for 2S cells ect).

It is exactly the same layout and driver as the one above except for the contact on the bottom.

Oshpark Link: OSH Park ~

Hi TA, is it possible to use a TA46LDO with single contact driver in my 2S2P MT03 too?