TF 3000 18650 batteries just arrived.

I ordered them from MF on Jan 11. They arrived today Jan. 24. I wasn't expecting them this soon as I was thinking the Chinese New Year would slow the order down. Guess it didn't.

I know it doesn't count for much but these are probably the sharpest 18650 batteries I own. I love the red wrapper.

They were checked at 3.86 volts each. I placed them in the charger. I don't know if it matters but they both came off the charger at 4.17 volts. This was a little surprising to me. That's the first time any of my batteries have come off this charger at anything except 4.18 volts. I know, it doesn't matter one bit.

I will do some run time tests with these batteries and see if they run longer than some of my other batteries including my new TF flame 2400s. I will post my results.

I just 8 of these bad boys after buying 2 to test them my Dry on turbo they pull 4.8a at 4.12v..I can also get readings of 4.6a in my 980l..these guys like to supply current and seeing the graphs and tests they allow 2500 mah at 3a and 5a discharge..something the 2400mah flames just can't do..I buy nothing but these batteries now..well worth the extra dollar

Mine were dispatched from Manafont Jan 9 and I have received nothing yet. This was my first order from them and I didn't use REGISTERED MAIL. Hope I didn't screw up. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr >>!! So now I'm sittin here with my first ever new 18650 UF C8 torch and no TF 3000 batteries to power it up with ! !....Yell

OK. I just got done with my first burn time test with these new TF 3000 batteries.

I know it's not scientific but here goes.

I put two new, freshly charged TF 3000 batteries in my Olight M3X. They read 4.17volts each at the start. The light ran for 1 hour and 50 minutes before shutting down. I tested them then and they showed 3.25 and 3.28 volts.

I put in two freshly charged TF 2400s charged to 4.18volts each. The M3X shut down at 1 hour and 45 minutes. What is interesting is that the voltage for these batteries is 3.66 and 3.51 volts.

I'm going to try the new 3000 batteries again right now and see if they do better the second time around.

BTW: I get over 2 hours burn time on my M3X when I'm using my AW and Redilast 2900s and my Callie Kustoms 3100 batteries before the light shuts down.

Another thing I noticed when using the new TF 3000s last night, I stepped outside with my TK41 and the M3X. It seemed like there was more of a difference between the brightness and throw between the M3X and the TK41 than there used to be. It was like the M3X was brighter when using the TF3000 batteries. I also noticed that the light seemed to get hotter with the TF 3000 batteries than it did this morning using the TF 2400 flames.

I ordered my second pair from Manafont 1/6, they were shipped 1/7. I haven't seen them yet, but hopefully any time. My first set came in less than two weeks.

They look to be equal or better than the Xtar

Just 3000? you waste your money! here 4250mAh!

xD ofc I'm joking TF 3000 are tested with positive results by HKJ

...why I post the test of CPF if we have the same post here? Coz we aren't CPF :P

...wish to add that the ultrafire 4250 are probably junks, looks a marketing answer/copy of the TF 3000, also coz the best 18650 don't go over 3200mAh, needs a test to give death sentences but at the best will perform like TF 3000, probably way less

Good to know that those 4250mah are also compatible with interphones.

Just ran the TF 3000 burn time again on my M3X. It shut down at 1 hour and 45 minutes which is exactly what my TF 2400 flames did earlier today. This time they measured just under 3.50 volts.

I have 2 Redilast 2900s running now to see the difference if any.

I have an order for from Manafont from Jan 8 that was dispatched to the post office on Jan 9 too. I have also not received it yet.

gearjunkie, did you use registered mail? Probably no worry, I'm just getting anxious. I DON'T OWN ANY 18650'S AT ALL !!!

I mocked up a 14500 though and powered up the C8 and all is well with it.

Just wantin those new 3000's.... :)

I ordered my 8 tf 3000mah's on the 4th of Jan and received them on the 20th..which was a Dry came on the Monday so I was lucky lol..

I did not use registered mail either because I was just ordering an UF 3 mode XML. Sorry I cannot be of anymore help to you other than to let you know mine has not arrived either.

Glad to see that you found a way to test out your flashlight already...

Well, I just got done with a run time test on the same M3X using 2 Redilast 2900 batteries. The light clicked off at exactly 2 hours. I checked the batteries and one of them had triggered the protection circuit. After I reset it, they both had 3.18 volts. Also, the light didn't seem to get as warm/hot using the Redilast batteries. Here are my unscientific tests so far.

TF-3000. Two tests. One shut down at 1 hour and 50 minutes and the other 1 hour and 45 minutes. Just under 3.50 volts left in the battery.

TF-2400 flames. One hour and 45 minutes. One battery was 3.51 volts and the other 3.66 volts

Redilast 2900. Two hours. Both at 3.18 volts.

How do u reset a protection circuit ?

If you have a cheap charger (say a two bay China special), put the battery in it, plug it in for a few seconds then unplug and check the voltage on the battery. I had to do it 2-3 times to get the timing down, but it went from 0.0 to 2.69. For some reason, shocking the protection circuit won't work with my Xtar WP2 II charger.

I'd love it if somebody could explain all this in terms of capacity, current and internal resistance. Seems like a teachable moment....

I just plugged it into my Ultrafire WF 139 for a few seconds. Unplugged it. Plugged it in again and still no go. Unplugged it again and when I plugged it in again, the charging light went on. I took it off the charger and checked the voltage and it was 3.18 where it had registered 0 before it was reset. It's now sitting there happily charging away as if nothing has happened.

So if this don’t work I assume battery is toast ,lol? .05

Don't know. It's worked every time so far. The protection circuit did it's job. The first time, it freaked me out.