The $10 P60 host.

Hi all,
If you have a budget P60 host you love, please let us know :slight_smile:

UltraFire WF-504B

Host and drop-in for $10 from Amazon is okay.

You know that feeling when you are talking to someone about music and they think that a cover was an original composition, and you aren’t sure how to break it to them? Me neither, I just say it. That light is a rebranding of an Ultrafire WF-502B. You can get the host for as little as $4 and I’ve seen host & drop-in go for $7 with free shipping on Aliexpress.

It is a pretty good host for $4. And $10 is good for Amazon. Shame about the next-mode memory.

Solarforce L2 (If the quality is anything like it was a few years back)

I have several different ones, but my fav is a Solarforce L2 with matte anodizing. (probably not the most budget though when it comes to cost.

I’ve got a WF-502B host from Fasttech.
The empty OP drop in was like $2.—
I modded the head on the McGyver lathe so i have a thermal path on top and bottom of the drop in.
It’s about 1 cm shorter than normal and so i don’t use the spring in the head.
It has a Nichia 219C 3000K LED on a 6x 7135 driver.
Mild diffuser under the lens.
Nice little light in all.


… But I’m also partial to my old and trusty 501b that was my first-ever high power flashlight…
(3W XR-E R2)…

Lumens Factory Seraph SP-6 is beautifully designed low cost P60 host.
Currently US$18.50 without drop-in, and US$35 with XP-G2 drop in.

Yep, that’s been my EDC for a coupla years already. A “real” UF WF-502B, 5000K XP-L, SMO, 1-mode 1750mA driver. Shockingly bright to n00bz, yet great runtime. Great beam, not ringy, not that much of a “fried egg” beam pattern, just a great everyday light.

Got a whole (small) box of just D26 modules, empties and complete, and can mix’n’match reflectors if need be (eg, exchange SMO for MOP if I’m in the mood).

Love the shape, love the grip. Semi-rounded, not all points and peaks and edges and creminations all over the place like some medieval torture-device. The clip with that rounded-in shape provides a great grip for my middle+ring fingers when holding it “icepick” style. It’s actually comfortable to hold.

Also fits perfectly in a medium-size Jetbeam holster (now discontinued by FT), but that’s held up fine from constant use.

What I paid back then? 17bux for a 3-pack. Bought 2 packs. :smiley:

Talk about nostalgia, those came with either legit XM-Ls or at least great LB “XM-L” clones. Not cheap mini LB house-specials more akin to an old XP-E or so.

(Then again, so did my early C8 clones, vs the cheap crap pure garbage new clones about a year later.)

I.m.o. the 502B is the nicest looking cheap P60 host.
The lack of thermal path is a bummer though…
Do all P60 hosts have this problem?

Here’s mine:

I think you can see the head is considerably shorter than stock.
So the brass pill kind of fits in the chamfered battery tube and the reflector kind of fits in the head section.
Together that’s the thermal path from drop in to the outside.
The bezel is made wider on the McGyver lathe to slip over the knurled bit of the head, where the O ring is now located.
The main head part is also tortured on the McGyver lathe.
Screwing the bezel on tightly presses the lot together, it seems to work fine like this.

Also nice is the Kaidomain DTP board with slightly protruding thermal slug.
It makes a nice thermal path to the reflector (when the masking paint is scraped off)

I have several Solarforce and UltraFire P60’s in my collection My favorite is the Solarforce L2. I think I paid around $15 for it 4 years ago. Well worth the price.

Mine warms up quite well when left on unattended, like when I accidentally bumped the bottom of the holster on a seat-arm and turned it on. Almost too hot to handle…

If you want to increase heat transfer if it’s a bit lacking, wrap the pill in a little Al foil, or better, Cu foil. Rarely need more than 1 turn, sometimes less. Mine fits in quite snugly, so no foil needed.

I wrap my drop-in’s with copper foil (not tape). I use enough to make a tight fit. It makes a huge improvement in heat transfer.

I think you saw how i solved it.
Didn’t want to mess with foil and / or sheet (there’s quite a gap to be filled there) and i wanted to lose the spring too.
You see, the head seems to be designed for how i did it, only the bezel doesn’t screw on far enough to push pill and reflector on to the head and tube.
So i messed with the McGyver lathe… :slight_smile:
I reduced some overall length too, which is nice.

The only unfortunate thing is the few threads on the tailcap.
Apparently they did that for the screws that hold the clip…

By the way VoB i like your video. :THUMBS-UP:

But i think you’d be better off buying a $5 502B host from Fasttech and a $2 empty OP drop in,
put a 6x 7135 105C driver in it and an LED of choice and you’ve got a very nice light for around $12.

Uhm… i forgot the thermal problems…
But hey, that’s the fun of modding, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Solarforce L2m -
$10.99 with coupon

I'm going to buy.

Or 502B better?

Exactly. Where others see problems we see opportunity… In this case the opportunity to add some copper :THUMBS-UP:

I’m so crushed right now…. Like how can we still be friends man. LOL!

Can you believe we’ve come to the place where “real” and “Ultrafire” are being used in the same sentence… :GRAD:

Exactly. Where others see problems we see opportunity… In this case the opportunity to add some copper :THUMBS-UP:

L2T, L2m are my favorite, got them on a deal a while back from a HK ebay seller (some airsoft shop?).

Also have a new/unused SS L2T Limited here, but that was a pricey one.

I have both. Get the Solarforce L2M. I use mine with the short tube along with an18350, and a XP-L V6 drop-in. Fantastic light.