The 10th Annual Old Lumens challenge - has officially concluded! Winners have been announced!

Many has come and go…Sometime when I slow down to reminisce it makes my heart a bit heavy.
Marshalls of goinggear used to send me gift lights with my name laser engraved…
I have a hard time building a collection of my own because $$$ always gets in the way….Yet I have never sold a single light gifted to me. They are all the most special…

Old Lumens was a wonderful man that I respected from the early days. I am glad there is this tradition in practice annually to honor him.

Hi, I’m thinking about joining the machine made category. Is making a drop-in acceptable, even though it isn’t a complete light?

Making a drop-in is an acceptable entry for the Modified Light category. To enter the Machine Made category, the entire light housing and drop-in would need to be made by you.

For clarification, I believe a battery holder similar to the plastic type in this link would be suitable for a Challenge entry. Correct?

Battery carriers of this type are allowed.

I’m going to try it again this year and don’t plan to disappoint. Entering the Machine made category. xqwerty151x's 10th Annual Old Lumens Challenge Entry - Machine Made

:+1: Hoorah!

I participated in modded light category with my KR1/KR4 driver thread.

im in for the hand made category. Tomogchi's home made flashlight for OL contest

And I’m in with another bag o popcorn…

I’ll chuck me modifed hat in the ring

I’m in, modified category: The Whispering Gallery: modified category entry for 10th annual BLF/OL contest

My modified build is ready. Feel free to take a look.

I have been meaning to build a lantern… Maybe I’ll come up with something. I have an idea, but idk if I have the tools or skills to pull it off. May do something simpler as a “learning experience” for the one I really want to build.

Just created my build thread.
Due to lack of time I decided to join the Hand Made category

I am in for the modified flashlight category: Skylight's Modified flashlight, 10th Annual BLF OL Contest entry

I am actually withdrawing my entry for time and budget reasons. I’m not going to have anything ready.

Anymore late entries… :nerd_face:

Here is my entry i am in the hand built thread , hopefully it will get done.

I think I have components and tentative plans for four lights and a laser… I just haven’t had any time to work on them.

If I do anything in time for OL10, it will have to be a one-day project and post. There’s a keychain type light I’ve been meaning to build that I might be able to do quick enough.