The 5th Annual BLF / Old Lumens Scratch Made Light Contest - Final results!

The 5th Annual BLF / Old Lumens Scratch Made Light Contest - Final results!

Here's the post everyone has been waiting for! Judges have again been working very hard and the results are finally in.

NOTE: Also the People's Choice Award voting has started:

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..back to the results..

The competition was very tight and all lights were totally awesome! This made judging very difficult, and we had to make very tough decisions when arranging the contestants to correct order.

While judging, we didn't only concentrate on what we think was the best light in the competition, but went through all the build threads and systematically gave points based on the following criteria:

  • Uniqueness/Innovativeness of the build: Is it a one of a kind? Different? Using New methods?
  • Skill level of the finished build: Does it look like a hack job? Or were the finished parts/assemblies done with skill and care?
  • Thoroughness of the build thread: Did the builder do a good job of showing and explaining to the forum, how he did the steps in the build?
  • Documenting also the failures & obstacles: How did the builder solve the inevitable problems? Documenting the obstacles and using the power of the BLF community to solve them is seen as a big plus!
  • Possible new driver design or custom firmware is seen as a plus (especially when shared and open source in a true BLF spirit)
  • Following the guidelines: Did the builder follow the rules and guidelines written in the contest thread?
As I said, all finished lights were great, so the small details like thoroughness of the build thread and documenting the obstacles were important factors when defining the final order. For example, the winner in the hand made category had only 4 points difference to 2nd one! (max total score was 275pts)

Before going to the results, I'd like to thank once more all competitors for their hard work building the lights and documenting their builds for us readers to admire and learn from. Thank You very much!

..and then to results, with selected comments from judges.

Hand made:

  1. CRX:
    • As always, splendid, stuning beauty!
    • This hardly even seems fair. CRX makes so many amazing lights that I wonder how he has time for anything else, ever.
    • Use of video in build thread is nice. Build thread orginization is nice.
    • An entire set! What a beauty.
    • His builds are complex, well thought out and ingenious, well documented and handsome multi-functional lights that appeal to almost anyone.
  2. FmC:
    • Jack s back! Lovely thread! And what a build, besides beautiful and unique, the coolness of propulsion, just wows!
    • Totally unexpected concept, creative and entertaining story/thread, painstaking build process, nice display piece and physics demo.
    • Is it a rule violation to receive help from Jack? :)
    • Wow, what an original idea. FmC never fails to impress.
    • Very clever and unique piece of art with a lot of painstaking hand work.
    • I liked the fact that he used heat recycling for propulsion.
  3. MtnDon:
    • Very interesting design and a very nice eye for detail
    • Interesting and practical idea, awesome woodwork, generally good execution throughout, some internals a bit sloppy but not visible, wondering if it needs more heatsinking.
    • Takes a fairly simple idea and really makes it shine.
    • Masterful woodwork!
    • A neat little table lamp that is beautiful and elegant, plenty of hard work went into it, and the charging features were a nice touch.
  4. everydaysurvivalgear:
    • This is what probably a lot of us think about when we walk by or browse the pipe and connector section of the hardware store. Cool to see it made!
    • Good visual documentation.
    • Nice to see beam shots.
    • Good old fashioned spare parts build. There is hope for us mere mortals!

Machine made:

  1. Jensen567:
    • Nice quad, from pieces, through lathe to a working light, that worked first time button was pressed!
    • Relatively simple design but good execution. Impressive driver work and tint mixing, good documentation with images, nice fit and finish.
    • Wow, check out that sandblasted finish! Classy!
    • A beautiful, powerful custom light. The kind we would all build if we had the time and skill.
    • Classic lines. Well documented.
  2. lostheplot:
    • Unique looking headlight, very nice!
    • Emitter portion looks good and aesthetically industrial, but LTP never went back to finish the battery/driver/charger piece, which seems to be only a rough draft.
    • Front design looks nice, may a bit impractical for headlamp purposes?
    • Could use more and larger pics to better understand and highlight the design.
    • Well done, and unique.
    • A headlamp …. while he did a good job making it, the design is not really practical, as it is probably too heavy for comfortable use for any duration?
    • To my eye, it seems a bit blocky.

+ some comments about unfinished lights:

  • MrsDNF
    • Finish this light, we NEED to see it :)
    • Fancy ambitious design, lots of work put in, unfortunately not finished before deadline.
    • Impressive skills demonstrated. Detailed pic-heavy updates and good engagement with readers.
    • DNF :) (would have been my 1st pick, if finished)
  • tekwyzrd
    • So sad, not finished, next year baffle us!
    • Withdrawn to keep loved one alive! Respect!
  • DavidEF
    • What a LED and reflector combination to begin with, hope you find inspiration to make something for next year!

Gongrats to every participant! You were all great!

.and, well, of course, the prizes..

Available prizes:

  • <none left>

Selected prizes:

  1. CRX: $125 gift card to
  2. Jensen567: $75 gift card to
  3. FmC: Emisar D4 D1S Flashlight w/ worldwide shipping to any of the countries USPS ships to, provided by Mountain Electronics LLC
  4. lostheplot: Haikelite MT-01 XHP50 Flashlight w/ worldwide shipping to any of the countries USPS ships to, provided by Mountain Electronics LLC
  5. MtnDon: $25 Gift Voucher for MTN Electronics, provided by Mountain Electronics LLC
  6. everydaysurvivalgear: BlitzWolf® BW-ET1 XP-L V6 600LM Stepless Dimming LED Flashlight, provided by
  7. MrsDNF: Old Lumens Nichia 219B Copper Mini LED Flashlight, provided by
  8. tekwyzrd: BlitzWolf® BW-ET1 XP-L V6 600LM Stepless Dimming LED Flashlight, provided by (yes, another)
  9. DavidEF: Old Lumens Nichia 219B Copper Mini LED Flashlight, provided by (yes, another)

Fabulous work. :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s great news for me today.

Thanks to the judges, organizers and donators.
Respect to my fellow competitors and a thought to Old Lumens.
Thanks to everybody that watched & commented too :+1:


*Maybe I should sit the next one out* ;)


I would like to have the $125 gift card to, thanks.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

It’s yours! Congrats once again!

Jensen567: Which one would you like to have?

Congratulations CRX! Would not be fair for you to sit out of the competitions. Cant wait to see what creations come from the prize money.
And congrats to you too Jensen567, Love the light. Wish i had a lathe and the skills.

Thanks MtnE, Gearbest and BangGood for the donations to the efforts of our members.

Thanks mate, you’ve got plenty good ideas and can already mod, next step is just making a host.

Thanks the for putting in the time to organise the event again on behalf of Justin and thanks again also to the sponsors and members here for their kind words to all that entered the comp this year.

This truly is a unique event and I’d like to thank all on a personal note that entered and took the time to build a torch or lamp.
Its not the votes that make a great light but the individuals effort to create something that challenged them along the way and made us think as well. Cheers all. :beer:

By the way my torch is finished. Better late than never. :slight_smile:

Congrats to CRX for taking out a well-deserved top place, & of course to everyone else that entered the comp fun.

Also thanks to the & the judges for making it happen :beer:

Thanks FmC :beer:

Congratulations CRX on the win well deserved mate!

Well done to every one that entered it was a tough competition this year as is every year.

Thank you to all the sponsors for the generous donations and thank you to (the )for organizing this years event! Last but not least thank you every one that pushed me to finish. Your support really got me across the line i ran out of hope!

I hope we can continue to this BLF tradition maybe even expand it.

Almost a year since we lost Old we miss ya mate BLF isn’t the same with out you.

Thanks man :beer:

Sorry, didn’t see this thread! Thanks for the heads up CRX.

I think I would like the $75 gearbest gift card.

Thanks to everyone involved in the contest, and to anyone who read through my build. I had a lot of fun and learned a bunch about machining.

It’s yours! Congrats once again!

FmC: Which one of the above would you like to have? :slight_smile:

Every year, I’m surprised by the things people here build. I can’t really participate in the annual build, but I always enjoy watching from the sidelines. There’s always something new and different and unexpected, and it’s inspiring to see the cool stuff people can make in their spare time. Plus, I really love it when people make their own awesomeness instead of just pulling something mundane off a shelf.

It seems there are more prizes than projects. Any idea what will happen to the extras? I feel like those should go to the people who entered even if the projects weren’t finished on time.

Hey you should post more in build threads if you like them, I’m sure people would appreciate your input there.
I’m fine with giving a prize to those that didn’t finish too.

Sounds good.

I’m fine with the extra prizes going to those who entered but didn’t finish as well.

The Haikelite MT-01doesn’t really do much for me, & I already have an Emisar D4…. Seeing as it’s the same value as a D4, I’m going to be cheeky & ask if I can have an Emisar D1S instead. Pretty-please, with a cherry on top :innocent:

Thanks for putting on this event and for keeping the Old Lumen spirit alive.

Next year I'm gonna put in an entry of my own! I've been missing out on the fun. :-)

It sounds like you have been mulling over an idea for awhile RMM. We will all enjoy your fun I’m sure. :slight_smile: