The 5th Annual BLF / Old Lumens Scratch Made Light Contest - Final results!

So many little time. But I'm going to make time for it next year.

Should be interesting :slight_smile:

Did FmC get sorted out with swapping a D1S instead of a D4?

Going by the first post in this thread, not yet.

I think the cherry may have done the trick :wink:

I heard it did. :slight_smile:

lostheplot: Which of the available prizes would you like to have? :slight_smile:

Thankyou to all great to have more competitors rmm.
Mrs dnf no more holidays for you.and crongrats to all
The other competitors some excellent work
Was submitted.

Think ill have the haikilite xhp50 if i can thankyou

So we are not going away in March? There is no refund on the monies paid so far.

I was meaning milti week trips during the comp.

It’s yours!

MtnDon: Which of the available prizes would you like to have? :slight_smile:

The $25 gift card for mtnelectronics, please. :slight_smile: And thank you very much!

Sorry for the delay. It’s yours! Congrats!

everydaysurvivalgear: Which of the available prizes would you like to have? :slight_smile:

Hey mate can i please have the blitzwolf bw-et1 should be good to do a review on. Thanks!

Can anyone advise what we, I, need to do to claim our prize now that we have officially selected?

Same as last time dude, wait…
I did contact _ the _ a couple days ago, the peoples choice needs finished up too.
I hate waiting around when everything is finished a while ago.
I consider this a test of my resolve :laughing:

Richard (Mountain Electronics) has posted out the D1S, which should be waiting for me when I get back to work next week :beer:

Have CRX & Jensen567 heard from Gearbest about their prizes?

The awards process has stalled as of 12/17. There are still prizes to be awarded and the People’s Choice to be officially finalized. I contacted Richard @ mtnelectronics and he sent me the code for my gift certificate to use on his website so I am also okay but I imagine there must be some frustration with some participants with the delay and low level of communication.

Indeed, this is unsatisfactory. No information at all.
Teemu please get it together, you are not filling us with confidence or enthusiasm.
If you have a problem, just let us know, a public or personal communication would suffice.
We are human, well, most of us anyway :smiley:

With what you have shown us you can do CRX I’m not sure you are human. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some call me the Machine, but that’s another story :laughing:

I believe Jack had something to do with behind the scenes communication....

He may still be in recovery from the party....