The Beast - Flood+Throw


a light build initially by fritz15 for Xandre. I think it needs an extra thread here. At the moment i am modding it.

Update 08/31

Now the triples are all running Nichia 219C (5000K) and Carclo 10507 optics instead of XP-L/XP-G2 mixture. Much better and usable beam now in near distance and lovely light color.

- Throw LED ~2925 Lumens

- Flood LED ~4925 Lumens

  • Flood+Throw LED ~7850 Lumens

A real beast! Beamshots in the next days …


Nice! There's a lot of work in there, a good job by Fritz and you :-) . What batteries are used and are they all parallel?

woooah…… :open_mouth:
a massive and impressive beast! makes the btu shocker look almost “normal sized” :stuck_out_tongue:
what’s the front diameter, and what does it weigh? :bigsmile:

The frontdiameter is 125 mm.

Weight is ca 2800 gramm.

Battery is 4 S 3P

They really made a good job :beer:


the light has a custom build batterypack which is 4S3P incl. a protection circuit and balancer plug. That is enough energy to power all LED. There are two different drivers build in from PCB Components. The Ampere! drives the three dedomed XP-G2 in Catapult reflectors (5A), the Senser Xtreme drives the 3 triples with 9 Nichia LED (3A). Both drivers are connected to dimmer modules.

Here a picture from inside the head

The light has a weight of 2800 grams :wink: There ist a lot of copper inside. I can measure the diameter of the head this evening. But it is huge!



I prefer aluminium for its weight, copper is for most parts a waste unless lots of heat goes through tiny bottlenecks.

Is there a charging circuitry? The batteries are fixed in there as a pack with protection electronics.

That one is connected:


that is the protection cicuit. A charging circuit is not available. The batterypack must be taken out for charging. There is a balancer plug and a Dean-T plug for charging.



Wow, massive.

How much Kcd for the Triple XP-G2 dedomed LEDs only?

I’m not really asking, since it’s probably, “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it!”, but I wonder how much these honestly sell for. If it is $1000-2000 it would not surprise me.


almost every candle of the 960 Kcd :bigsmile: At time of measurement the flood LED were without optics and had no range at all. That´s because we decided to add the optics. I think the light can reach 1 MLux now with the optics.



Wow! Totally impractical for most of us, (and outside of “Budget” for most too).
Yet, we smile and get enjoyment out of the ingenuity and skill involved in the making of such a (quite rightly named) “Beast”.
I think the little kid in us that used to ask motorcycle and car owners “How fast does it go Mister?”, is still there and awed by such engineering marvels.
Who’d have known?
Thank You for sharing 8)

Wow,great build ! This is a light beast! I like the solid metal construction.

The Beast! Incredible light, thanks for sharing your work :slight_smile:

Holy crud. What an amazing light!

This light is not produced for selling.

It is produced for having fun with a great light.

It is not cheap. That is unfortunatelly right.
The material prices are also high.

But the modding parts and works all over are in spirit of BLF.
Some friends help to make the vision come real.

There is a lot of love behind the Beast.


Xandre asked me to add some words about the history of the light. The light was initial build in 2011. The three reflectors used since then were from the Thrunite Catapult. The light was powered by one 26650 in direct drive.

In 2012 the light got an overhaul. After the modification the light was powered by 4x 26650 and three flood LED were added in small D26 reflectors. This was called the EBL 6.1 Olympic Torch. Drivers were added for powering all six LED and a small Joystick controlled the drivers.

Video EBL Olympic Torch

The light was able to push out about 200 Kcd and 5000 Lumens (OTF).

But the world is not enough for Xandre :wink: So here we are now ….



Crazy germans :bigsmile:

Now that's a light.

Sweet concept and execution. C8 reflectors?

EDIT: Found post that said Thrunite Catapult reflectors.

Wow! I can’t wait to see the beam shots. :smiley: