The hottest hot rod?

very interesting database, thanks for the insights.

Yup. He also did some amazing projects. Not only 14500 and when I read your post, the first thing I thought about was 458 HAM’R

Thrunite TN50 CW is pretty hot. Its 4 21700 batteries are wired directly. The company rep told me they use LG. Wow imagine if it was VTC6A or 40T

Thanks for this very interesting hotrod list.

I wonder how the FF ROT 66 Gen II w XPL HI would rank. It is supposed to spit out 14k lumen stock but it’s probably less. The light is quite compact though.

I don’t think they’ll come close to the top…but you’re welcome to add them to the sheet. :slight_smile:

I wanted to add it but there are no dimensions given. Anyway I actually don’t think it’s very hot compared to the small lights listed here.

That one from Djozz is nice,too:

Regards Xandre

Nice…but not very hot really. I added it now.

The spreadsheet seems to have gone. Anyone got a copy?

It looks like ethercalc got their domain hijacked.
They moved to I updated the link in the first post.

Thanks Agro

I was very interested in Vinh’s Thrunite t10 with sbt90, think it’s 2000 lumens at start. 14500 . Thanks for the list!

Edit- don’t know how it plays into the list given I highly doubt 2000l is sustainable for more then 30s… it’d prob turn into a molten iron lol.