The hottest hot rod?

I compiled information about a few lights, modded or stock, that excel in the output they produce for their size.
The spreadsheet is editable for anyone, available here:

The hottest hot rod on the list so far is Vollsion SP11vn with XHP50.2 3V which does 1400 lm while being one of the smallest AAA lights.
Not surprisingly, the top of the list is dominated by mules and near-mules.
10440 and 18350 sized lights seem to top the list. I’m surprised I couldn’t find any serious 14500 contender.

Thanks for bringing up this fascinating topic. Your list shows that the hottest hot rods are also among the smallest ones.

I am working on collecting the hottest single cell 18650 and 21700 hot rods. The most hotness per given size, and the smallest size per amount of hotness: Fascinating! Added bonus: The hot rods also have normal modes for normal runtime and normal heat generation.

I did a Tool AA 14500, FET driver & SST-40 that put out around 1900lm.
Relight Mokume Gane 14500, XP-L HI, 1200lm.
JetBeam Element E3S, 14500, SST-40, 1600lm.
FourSevens Mini AA, 14250x2, XHP50, 1700lm.
Thrunite T10T 14250x2, XHP50, 1700lm.
DQG Hobi Ti 10250x2, XHP50, 1600lm.
BLF 348 10180x2, MT-G2, 700lm.
I might fill out some details later.
I’m sure DB Custom did some crazy output 14500 lights.

Maybe like this :

Regards Xandre


Just a small correction: the unit of the hotness rating doesn't fit the numbers. It should be klm/cm3

It seems correct to me…*k*lm/mm³.
Or lm/cm³. Which seems more natural…and I switched the spreadsheet to use it.

CRX, that Tool must be HOT !

Yeah I changed it soon after to a 7135 driver I think.

It’d be interesting to add a couple of bigger ones on here, to see how they compare per cubic centimetre (such as Imalent’s MS18 at 100,000 lumens).

Some other single 27100 lights, around 9000lm:

  • Nitecore TM9K
  • Imalent MS03
  • Nightwatch NS53A

The Astrolux EC03, Lumintop FW21 Pro and Fireflies E07 are all around 6000lm, so probably won’t make this list.

Could a single 18650 the size of a D4 drive 3 XHP50.2 LEDs over 10,000lm?

You could also add lm/gram unit, but also unit which would tell how long those lumens can be sustained (for ex. before OTP kicks in, or brightness drops below 90% of initial max. lumen, whichever happens first), units could be lm*sec/cm3 , and lm*sec/gram.

The three bullet pointed lights that you mention: The first and third fit right in my hot rod collection, among the hottest rods for their size. The second one: I ordered two of them from my favorite USA supplier.

Lumintop FW21 Pro, 3 x XHP50.2 3V: Neils website says ~10,000 lumens, I submitted a serious inquiry to my fav light guy for three of them, he says he is checking on latching onto a batch of them.

Y, t a h n m f n r a n h g! Yay!

You’re welcome to add these columns. :slight_smile:

Thanks, MS03 made it to the top of the list!
I’m not a fan of this brand but nevertheless I’m impressed.

Does anyone know tailcap diameters of TM9K and NS53A?

Added the NS53A’s tail diameter of 28mm.

I don’t see on your mods list. I’d like to add it to the table but I see that it is available with 2 different tails, could you please indicate which one did you use?

Thx. :slight_smile:

The new Imalent LD70 - built-in battery (18350?), XHP70.2 and 4000lm :open_mouth: this

It was a short lived direct drive version with lighted tail. I didn’t make a thread.

BTW, I find it curious that you got 1900 lm with SST-40 yet Vinh gets 1600 with XHP50.2 3V

Direct drive, cracking bin LED, cell used, ANSI standard, planets aligned, different equipment...

I see vinh recommends to use the Vapecell 3A 14500, prob used that for testing.

I used a WindyFire red 14500. Don't get too caught up in the numbers.

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