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Yes, it can be charged in a regular external charger.

I do that with the cell that came with my Lumintop Tool AA Ti, which I think is the same cell that comes with the Mini Ant Man.

thank you!

Added 2 new flashlight to the OP.

Nextorch T20L:

Maxtoch L2Ks:

The Maxtoch L2Ks is pretty insane..

Does over 2Mcd for more than 1.5 hours.

After holding back for over a year, and after pouring over many reviews on, I finally bought my first LEP. The Astrolux WP3. This torch is on a whole new level of insanity! I love it!

I just wanted to thank ChibiM and the rest of team for writing the best and most informative flashlight reviews on the whole internet.
Keep up the good work!

Thanks man! You were part of it too! :D

Some new Lumintop LEPs announced.

8*LED +1*LEP: Discussion thread:

and another titanium LEP

Fancy looking Titanium LEP

The small one is very fancy-looking (not my COT). But before buying another small Lumintop LEP I want be be shown by Lumintop that they can deliver consistent (and high) performance.

That's a fair point!

Yes. Not going to do an antman again…

I like the size of Antman, but the output is clearly not there.

An Antman with a boost driver and higher output laser module could be excellent.

Another Lumintop LEP: Titanium Ant Man

(From Lumintop on Facebook)

I like the styling except for the brass bit, looks odd. Functionally I do not understand it: the laser needs cooling, more so than a led, and the fins that could help the cooling are not in the brass but in the bad heat-conducting titanium section and so there they do nothing except looking pretty.

I wonder if they updated the driver on this one

Please no! Don’t tell me I have to buy this in an even more expensive version! : D

Meh, don’t care for the body or the tail cap. Too busy imo.

I understand the other LEP’s have the same style and they match but they should have done the same as the Tools, same exact body just different materials.

I like that. Link broken. More info anywhere?

Amutorch BT55:

2898 meters range 210kcd. I think they mean 2100kcd!

I believe Maxtoch and Amutorch are related somehow, so this should be good.

MAXTOCH XSWORD LA60 Rotary focusing LEP Flashlight

Does anyone have experience with one of these? I’d like to have an LEP for long distance photography so good cri would be appreciated.



Current LEP collection

@Dave1010: Neal used to have it in stock, but it was soon gone. This one is only available in China as of recently. Not sure if they will be sold in any popular online store.

And @fourbyfive; yes, I reviewed it. I don't think you want an LEP with rotary for photography!

25 LEPs! Surely 20 is enough for 1 person :smiley: