The longest BB gun shot in the world--Airgun Experiences Thread.

I shoot a Daisy RR at cans and milk-jugs to relax sometimes. I’ve put over 40,000 BBs through one of my current Red Ryders. After 15K rounds they tend to settle down and shoot more consistently. A loose hold eliminates most random fliers, allowing BBs to fly with the same windage shot after shot. Very low velocity (350 ft/sec) makes accounting for ‘bullet drop’ tricky since velocity varies a bit between shots.

I like pushing it: distances that would be no problem with a .22 Short become Furlong-esque endeavors :bigsmile: . So, it forces me to focus.

BBs need a couple heartbeats’ flight time before the milk jug shakes and swings, and a moment later I get to hear the impact:

Here’s my view from where I stand

At 70 yards I’ll get 3 to 4 hits from 10 shots. Bump that range up to 105 yards, and I’m lucky to get 3 hits in 20 shots. At extreme ranges you have virtually no reference point to aim at except maybe some clouds. The misses generally fall short or go too high, but sometimes the wind shifts after I pull the trigger and that screws things up! A Red Ryder is not a Beeman R1, but for $25 bucks they are a great investment for pure fun and entertaining relaxation. Did I mention DIRT CHEAP?

I love BLF and I don’t think we have a thread discussing airguns yet. So, share your airgun stories and experiences here.

nice. sounds like fun. and sounds like you’re pretty good at it!

31 years ago, a neighbor gave me red ryder that must have already been older than I was.

It has picked up some light surface rust of the years (shame on me for letting that happen!)

someday I’ll polish and reblue it.

they’re fun, but they’re also useful - particularly for teaching rabbits to stay out of the garden J)

I’m English, we’re only allowed sub 12ftlb muzzle velocity air rifles without all sorts of crap.

What you need to try and play with is a pre-charged air rifle, it takes much of the skill out, as they are totally recoil dead, its quite shocking if your used to springers and shot guns etc, but they are awesome pieces of engineering, I have a few, along with a “naughty” webley Springer I built.

Your right, there’s a lot of skill to being accurate out to 50 yards or so, I hunt rabbits and the like with mine, your talking a kill area 20mm across with such a rifle, out of a rabbit sized target.

It’s not the power, its how you use it is a very poignant term for us UK unlicensed shooters. :wink:

I love airguns, if I had the money would get me one of these Gary Barnes rifles

Pics of his work here:

This is a good forum about airguns

Too many hobbies, too little time and money! :tired:

Relatively speaking, I’m a much better shot with my BB guns than with my rifles. But practice with trigger control, hold, and consistent cheek weld probably transfers to the firearm world. Plus, practice is easy with BBs costing about a thousandth of a penny :wink:

Springers require a lot of practice to figure out how to shoot them. I have an older Gamo Shadow 1000, that can peg a milk jug 10/10 times at 180 yards. It’s not a ‘nice’ springer compared to an AirArms TX200 but it has broken in nicely after 4000 rounds or so. Not a bad thing given amount of practice to learn how to shoot them.

I’d love a nice PCP, had my eye on the AirForce Talon SS for at least ten years, lol. I don’t know if integral suppressors are permitted in the UK but I’ve heard great things about AirForce.

Wow, those Barnes rifles are nice! Another great builder/experimenter is Dennis Quackenbush. He’s probably the equivalent of our match in the airgun world, lol.

ive had my eye on an airforce condor for a while now myself

ive got an old crossman 760 25th anniversary ive had since i was 7. used to shoot that thing all the time but the bolt handle broke off a while ago. i never shoot bbs though, because it will wear the barrel out alot faster than lead.

i also have a benjamin hb17 that i would like to ship out to get some custom work done to it because its kind of erratic and sights leave a lot to be desired

also a crossman .357 co2 revolver i got as a kid somewhere

also had a crossman co2 pistol that looked like a beretta with a silencer with a laser sight on it, but i gave that to my nephew for his birthday

and had a few of those ones you cock like a semi auto pistol that shoot either bbs, pellet or dart and came with a dart board lol. solid steel and looked just like a real gun. its the one chevy chase used in vacation to take over the park

LOL, as a young kid I shot inside our far from the city suburban garage. Primarily as our neighbors would call the gestapo in a heartbeat - they confiscated BB guns even on your own family homestead. Leaving California was the best decision I think ever made.

Then my goal was to get as close as possible to experience the thrill of the quick draw shot producing glass bottle explosions without losing an eye to the flying glass or ricochets (or leaving too much of it around to sweep up). That old spring pistol was pretty lame till it all stepped up after the Crossman CO2 got handed down from an uncle.

Fortunately my parents didn’t actually park in the garage! If only I had a weapon mounted PS light back then!

Lobbing BBs sounds like fun. I lust for can’t yet justify paying more for an air (or paint) gun than a nice .22 rifle. Almost all of the BB gear (guns, trap, etc.) has gone to the grandkids. Was using a bolt action Rem trainer from the late 40s, but now enjoying stealthy Super Colibri (or CB shorts) in Dad’s Speedmaster out back. 8)

really admire the ‘point of aim’ reference. It’s been so long since I’ve shot airguns.

BB guns are a blast. I hang cans from some of my trees and me and my buddies sit out back and see how many times out of ten we can hit a can. It’s a fun and cheap way to waste a few hours and have some fun. My kids all started out on BB guns as well as I did and my father as well.

I have seen my buddies get stupid and play William Tell. I tell them no goggles no William Tell. 40 to 50 year old kids are the worst to watch after. 0:)

You’ll shoot your eye out!

This isn’t a BB gun, but I did have a nice East German Suhl 150 22lr target gun that would literally hit a nail every single time at 25yds very easily.

Let me show you how it shot. Each target was 5 shots. That first target on the left was measured by a guy in Alaska who I sent it to at the time I shot it. He measured it at .021 ctc. He said at the time it was the smallest 5 shot group at 25yds he ever measured. :wink:

Now before you start thinking I missed the center on the target on the left that is what I was aiming at but my point of impact was a little low and to the left. But all 5 shots went almost exactly through the same hole. And to keep those happy who wanted the center shot out please look at the other target.

The one on the right was shot later. It’s almost identical to the other target.

I used to own a Norica air rifle about 10+ years ago until the laws changed and you needed a gun licence for them.

I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time but they guy I bought it off said it a double spring or stretch spring (I dont remember) and it was pretty powerful, it was under power of my friends .22 but just as accurate at most ranges we tried. We used it for targets mostly but we also hunted birds with it, it was surprising how accurate and powerful it was for what most people consider a toy.

Since the gun laws I have only been shooting a hand full of times with my brothers father in-law that has a licence, its too complicated to get a licence now or I would get one myself another air rifle to play with.

I looked up the Daisy RR, it says its 280 fps, for $25 thats good value for fun. For about $100 2nd hand you could probably get a 800-1000 fps air rifle.

I just bought a Daisy 880 last week. It’s pretty fun, but I have no where to shoot it unless I go to a friends house.

I shot a crack barrel .177 pellet gun till I was old enough to use .22 or the 12 gauge. Was lots of fun. I wonder where that ended up.

I've got a Beeman air rifle that has interchangeable barrels in .177 and .22 pellets.

I usually shoot the .22 pellets, they have a muzzle velocity of 822fps. Darn thing has a crack like a .22 rimfire but it is legal to shoot in my back yard.

Just spent the last couple of days researching what pellet gun to buy. Had a Crossman titan gp in

.22 but the nitro piston failed. Now i'm hearing that a lot of the nitro pistons are failing. I ended up

ordering a hatsan 125 sniper in black and 25 cal. Should be here thursday. Cant wait. Now i can look at

lights again.

Nice shooting Brad..

Thanks trigger619.

Here’s what it could do at 50yds.

I’ve been known to shoot air rifles and BB guns on occasion…

Here is a pic of my sight-in target for my Gamo Whisper. 1 is where i started and 5 is where I finished.

Here’s what my Beeman GS1000 would do at 10yds.