The new Luxeon V2

I just got my first Luxeon’s in and I love them. Admittedly, I haven’t tried the 4040 footprint Luxeon V’s. But I just picked up some of the 4000K (tested) and 5000K (yet untested) V2’s (the 3535 footprint version) and I must say, I’m impressed.

I replaced a 4000K 70CRI V5? XP-L2 in a 3.08A Convoy S2 with a smooth reflector. Not sure where the battery is at voltage-wise, but I measured 1096 lumens for the XP-L2. I swapped in the Luxeon V2 and measured 1054 lumens, only a 42 lumen difference. But the beam and tint and tint consistency is spectacular. No green, no yellow, no tint shift. Just bright, beautiful, creamy white. Oh yeah, a new favorite. And they were < $2 each. And fit on a standard 3535 board. Heck yeah.


Edit: beamshot in post 6

Must see.

Where did you get them?

Hmm. What is the V2 vs the V??

Think it’s smaller

Beamshot, though I don’t feel that it does justice to the Luxeon V2

Left to right: Convoy M1 with 70CRI XP-L 5000K, UltraTac A1 with 90CRI 219B (I thought 4000K but maybe not), Convoy S2 smo with Luxeon V2 70CRI 4000K, Wuben E05 with 90CRI XP-L2 80CRI.

Here’s another between the Luxeon V2 and the XP-L2 4000K 90CRI:

So is it a different LED than the V or is it the same but with a 3535 footprint?

It seems to be quite similar, but perhaps not the same. I’m anxiously awaiting proper tests. Anyone care to volunteer? Djozz? Texas Ace? Koef3? Maukka? I’d probably donate some if there’s interest.

Thanks, I like it also. Not sure about this “Wuben E05 with 90CRI XP-L2 80CRI”

I would be interested in seeing someone test this too.

XP-L2 can work well with a frosted or pebbled TIR though.

So it has a smaller die: V2 = 2mm² and V = 4mm²

Luxeon V has 4mm2 die, V2 has 2mm2 die.

Agree, not sure I was able to explain it well but glad you had similar results.

This LED should compete with any 70 CRI LED out there and has a good balance of output, tint and uniformity with a good price.

Quite a few 2 mm² LEDs in 3535 factor showed up recently…

  • Luminus SST-20
  • Osram PM1
  • Luxeon V2
  • (not sure) Nichia 119D / 219D


It’s flip chip, right? Does it have any throw?

Yeah, I think its a flip chip:

Comparing two Convoy S2’s side by side; one with LH351D and one with Luxeon V2, the throw of the Luxeon V2 kills the LH351D. But that doesn’t take much, the LH351D is a very floody LED.

I’ve had a lux meter (UNI-T UT383BT) for about a year, but had never taken it out of it’s package until today. I tested just a couple lights before running out the door this morning, and unfortunately I didn’t have quick access to the Convoy S2 with LH351D in order to get numbers on that; hopefully I can tonight. Here’s the 3 I was able to test (so you have something to compare against in case my numbers are skewed):

  • Convoy C8 with 3.08A Qlite and XP-L HI V2 5000K: 2818 lux at 5m → 70,450 lux
  • Convoy M1 with 3.08A Qlite and XP-L V6 5000K: 755 lux at 5m → 18,875 lux
  • Convoy S2 (smooth reflector) with 3.08A Qlite and Luxeon V2 4000K: 549 lux at 5m → 13,725 lux

Do those numbers sound right? Since these aren’t real throwers (perhaps with the exception of the C8), should I measure at 3m (or even 1m) instead of 5m?

Without being scientific it does appear to have more throw than a LH351D but with the dome on I don’t think anyone would consider this a thrower. Not sure how it performs dedomed and I think thus far only gchart and I have even tried them in a flashlight.

I have a C8F with 3x Luxeon V and when I compare it next to a LH351D of the same type there isn’t a huge difference in the overall beam. It’s a more intense hotspot but not by a huge amount.

If I’ve got time tonight I’ll try getting side-by-side numbers with the same flashlight setup using Luxeon V2, LH351D, XP-L, and XP-L2. I’ll see what else I can scare up, maybe a XP-G2, XP-G3, SST-20, XP-L HI. I’m pretty sure I’ve got all of those on hand, it’s just how much time I’ve got to swap in and out a bunch of different LEDs.

Here’s a mechanical comparison of the domes of the SST-20 and Luxeon V2. SST-20 is quite a bit smaller in all dimensions and LH351D is slightly larger in all dimensions.

I suspect this wont be too helpful but I measured two C8F’s at 380mAh (1x7135)

LH351D 4000K 90CRI
131 lux

Luxeon V2 4000K 70CRI
268 lux

Measured at maybe ~15ft