The "other" MINI

Just stumbled across these…little USB plugable 5vdc portable power bank flashlight heads

Sure…not gonna be uber powerful but a novel idea\_.html

Just buy a Roche F12 and an optional charger head and you could turn a flashlight into a less powerful, bulkier flashlight!

Or turn your desktop PC into a mains powered flashlight!

Amazon has a black version of the DX light too for a bit more if you do not want to wait a month. Claims 120 Lumens rather than 190. RAVPower® RP-FL01.®-RP-FL01-120-Lumen-Flashlight-Adjustable/dp/B00EI6Y68O/ref=sr_1_17?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1407370962&sr=1-17&keywords=usb+light

Xtar had an offering as well reviewed earlier:

Oh wow!!! Thanks
$12.99 at a vape shop
Hmm….I wonder if a 3*7135 board for direct drive pushing a XP-G/G2 would work…hmmmmmmmm

And a generic on/off

I just ordered the Xtar version from an Amazon seller. Watch the prices though as they vary from good to ripoff city depending on the seller.

Unfortunately, the specs are sadly missing on most of these things.

I think one mentioned high/low/strobe.

The Xtar UL1 is a great little unit with very useful modes and a smooth, creamy beam. Well reviewed by JohhnyMac. Unfortunately, it is more than the $3.99 asked for one of the cheapies in the OP.

Guess someone might do a review on a couple of these - they do have a multitude of uses.


Your Amazon generic appears to be the best buy minimalist single mode light and based on photos the same as the OPs Pandawill listing. The Amazon listed one is $2.63 with free shipping! USA seller apparently as claims 3 to 5 day shipping time.

Could one of those 18650 power banks be used to power/recharge these little USB plug in lights to make a “handle” for it? Interesting.

Anyone know a place that has the original chrome one, in the U.S.?

I use use mine with an ML-102. Works great!

Similar concept

Now an incredible number of USB powered lights available in multiple configurations. The Xtar seems to be one of the most versatile with the included flex cable extender and the multiple output levels available. Combine it with a USB power pack and have a point anywhere multiple hours LED light and seeing as how it claims USB 2.0 compatibility the worst case current draw should be under 500 mA and power drain under 2.5 watts.

some more options and some pics

Above is the link to the Xtar web page with the specs on their light. Outputs are claimed to be per ANSI test specifications. Based on the throw and maximum intensity this is a totally flood beam. Seems to be the only one with actual specifications available plus there is the link to the test report posted in an earlier post in this thread.

of course!

Now $12.99

And wouldn’t ya know it…my wife preemptively put the kabosh on this paydays spending! ARRRGH!

Some of you guys need the kabosh put on!


Imo if you do not want to modify it the Xtar is better but the RAVPower® RP-FL01is easily disassemblable for any modifications that can be fitted in the small space. Mine is not glued and the front and back just unscrew from one another. With it’s six modes and the flex cable extender the Xtar at the best price is a better buy but seems to be tightly glued together.

Xtar, if I’m not mistaken is 200 lumens, smaller in size, looks to be a much better quality offering ….IMO.