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Lotta those lights you gotta actually turn ’em on to charge.

I had a few facepalm moments where “Duuuh, my light’s not charging and it’s been hours”, and then it’s “Duuuuh, I forgot to turn on the light”, and it immediately starts charging.

Sorry. But that’s not the case. Both charge while off. Although it would make more sense. The only thing I can think of is some kind of diode and a special switch. But still waiting on someone who knows exactly.

That’s a good question, hadn’t thought of it before. The only dual switch I have like that (with charging) is the Csteboke, which is the SC31T (even says SC31T on the tail switch circuit board. I just took a look at it and there are indeed two diodes on the switch board. I don’t have any other switches with diodes on them. I’ll have to try to look closer later but offhand both diodes appear to have their polarity oriented in the same direction (both toward one mounting leg)…traces could say otherwise, though. Charging works when off, of course, and if I plug in the cable while the light is turned on, light goes off.

It appears that’s the answer then. Thank you!! It’s one of those things that are so simple that slips our mind and bamboozles us when we stop to think about it lol. Just like those convoy lighted tail switches. It bugged me for a while before I asked to you guys. Thanks!

I guess you figured it out but you should still buy a $3 usb thing that shows you volts and current going in they come in handy sometimes.

Also, if it’s an old or really abused battery sometimes the self discharge is faster than the charger end point of the CV charging stage. Like if your charger is waiting until current drops to 10mah to cut out, and micro usbs do wait to get that low sometimes, especially if it’s a real small battery, but your battery is so messed up self discharge is higher than 10mah, the charger will just keep trying until maybe some timer just shuts it off.

I’ve had cells from an old gaming laptop that ran at 100% charge and like 65°C it’s whole life and it’s self discharge was higher than the 100mah cutoff my charger was waiting for.

Also important to know is that since the tail switch does not completely electrically isolate the battery from the body of the light, these types of lights can have parasitic drain similar to an e-switch light.

From forum member SammysHP thread titled "[Review] Sofirn SC31T (with tail switch!)":

Oh I got one. Who makes a flat-top adapter for the sofirn sp36/q8’s like the ones convoy uses? I know somebody must make them. Its just a plastic disk and some brass buttons. I assume sofirn doesn’t make one because of something to do with the onboard charging? Just a guess. But I never use that. Somebody makes an adapter right?

I missed his review of that light…thanks for sharing that tidbit and good to know about the small drain. I hadn’t even thought to check for that on this light, assuming the tail switch was “normal.” I’d be interested in knowing more about how this circuit is laid out. Maybe Sammy or thefreeman will happen by here and explain. I was a little surprised when the light turned off as the cable was connected…clearly not the typical charging circuit.

What is this clip called and where can I purchase a new one at?

Have a look here. If you find it, it might be available on amazon or ebay for cheaper, or with free shipping or something. Streamlight branded clips sorted by price.

I plan to buy a 80 cri bulb, but I couldn’t find if r values are actually good or not. Link: E27 A60 LED Filament Rustic Lamp 7W 630lm 2000K Gold - Pack of 10

Do you think this is a good bulb? I know some bulbs show 80cri value but have 90+ cri values, is this bulb one of them? If not I will not buy.

You can get an Opple Light Master.
Thats a little sensor connected with Bluetooth to your phone.
There is a BLF Thread and stuff on YT

Anybody have an idea between the output of a Cree xpl versus a Nichia 219c.

Not sure which xpl he’s talking about. But just a general idea. This is for the Lumintop tool that Illumn has on its website.

I’m looking for a list of honest, hardworking politicians. Can anyone help?

And just when I thought this was a “There are no stupid questions” thread….
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Ha I’ve been racking my brain for weeks trying to think of something to post here

I was looking at getting a spare Apple Lightning USB cable recently, but noticed the pins looked different on the one I was going to get. There’s 6 pins (or “contact pads”) on it, with one apparently “skipped.” This is in contrast to the one I have that has 8 pins.

So does anyone know if Apple changed the Lightning specification for the iPhone 12 and know if that version of the cable is compatible with older iPhones and iPod Touch? Thanks!

Between Convoy M21B and Fireflies P03, which one would you get for 2700K Dedomed? One is tiny other has better runtime. Is there any difference apart from that?

Does the tailcap on an Acebeam Pokelit unscrew?