Thorfire S70S for $28??

Never heard of this place, nor do i know if its legit…but i just bought one. Close to half price, only 14 left. Comes up as amazon link.

Appreciate the heads up.


Too good to be true right? I ordered one too. Do you think may be a scam?

It seems like the seller just launched, so high probability that it is a scam/fake account. Good thing is you do not have much to lose going through amazon because they offer great buyer protection.

You are right, and if it is truee is a very good deal. :wink:

Just placed an order, hopefully this is legit. If not I guess amazon protects me.

The price is too good to be true. It has to be a fake or a complete scam. But then again…

I guess Amazon only releases payment to the merchant when you confirm the reception of the order.

thx 4 the heads up :THUMBS-UP: . I absolutely had no interest in a light like this but w/ the sale going thru Amazon I had to bite & order one :FACEPALM: . As it had been mentioned Amazon’s CS is top notch & they had taken care of me more times than I could count…

Only one left. That was quick lol too bad doesn’t ship to Australia

One thing I don´t understand is how these fake vendors can scam if the payment sistem requires order aproval by the customer… :FACEPALM:

I’ve never confirmed receipt of an order placed on Amazon. Maybe you’re thinking of Aliexpress?

mmm… maybe you are right

When starting out as an Amazon seller, you do not receive first payment disbursement until 45 days after first sale. After you become established, disbursements are weekly.

As far as confirming receipt, it is done automatically.
Seller must input tracking number/shipping receipt into Amazon
for automatic verification and tracking through the Amazon website.

I was an Amazon seller for a few years around 2012.
Getting started with Amazon Payments can actually be difficult due to the initial 45 day wait.
I sold through my initial run of merchandise in 6 days and had to borrow money to buy more merchandise to keep going. Eventually things got caught up but that first 45 days of waiting to get paid almost made it untenable.

Just received a shipping confirmation on my order…

From what I have seen scammers will mark it as shipped and give a fake tracking number. Is it a valid tracking number when checked on the carriers website?

Never heard of UNNCC.

Tried to order but won’t ship to Hawaii… what’s up with that? Noticing more and more lights won’t ship to Hawaii even though they don’t have batteries…???

Also received a shipping confirmation