Thorfire TG-06 problems

My TG-06 died a few days ago. The driver just suddenly quit. I dont know what size driver it takes and was wondering if there is a good after market one that will fit it. I would have sent it back to Amazon but im just past the return period.

Wow that’s odd, I’ve worn the anodizing off mine and no issues. How long did you have it?

-PS new version (TG06S) is out 500 lumens, new UI etc. this may be fate LOL.

I had it a little over a month, just past the Amazon return date. It is the newer TG06s model with the smooth reflector, wish it had the OP reflector. I decided that since the driver died that i would try my hand at modding and changing the driver out, but not sure of the size and was also looking for a recommendation.

Thorfire has a rep on BLF, email or PM them. This is a new product, I’m sure they’ll want to make things right.

Let us know how it comes out.

Thorfire stands behind their products, they will take care of you. Contact them directly.
They have sent me replacements on a flashlight and a defective battery and charger in the past. They really do want you to be a happy customer.

That being said, have you troubleshot the tail switch yet?
If you have a Volt Ohm meter you can check to see if the switch is working by doing resistance check.
Or, First thing to try is using a piece of wire or paperclip and short the end of the battery to the flashlight tube, if the flashlight lights up you know it is the switch.
If that makes no difference then pull the driver and push the lens and reflector out and check for voltage at the LED.

I would try loosening and then re tightening the driver ring and the tailcap ring before tearing it down, could very well be bad connection.

Looks like the driver is 17mm according to some comments on the previous version here:

Lot’s of good info in that thread.

Also if you want an OP reflector consider making your own with clear spray paint.
Old Lumens (RIP) had a thread about doing them that way.
Found it, here ya go;

Hope this gets you somewhere.

I agree, contact the ThorFire rep by PM and just explain what happened.

I have never had a service issue with them that was not taken care of very quickly.

I have the S model on the way, not sue when it will arrive but as soon as it does I will get results posted ASAP.

You’re more than welcome to send me your TG06 and I’ll send you the one that I modded. It’s got a fet+1 with Bistro and a XP-L V6 1A.

I tried bypassing the tail switch and nothing happened, then i bypassed the driver and LED did light up. I will definitely contact the Thorfire rep here. Thanks for the advice, may still change to a different driver in the future cause im not a fan of the mode layout. Guess im not a proper flashaholic yet, no digital multi meter or digital caliper in my arsenal.

Did you take it apart and put the battery tube in backwards? The “T” in Thorfire should be closer to the head. I had a guy at work do that because he remembered something about the clip being reversible. The clip is but the tube isn’t.

Tube is all good and in proper. Find it odd that the driver died though, never had one go out yet.

Thank you for the offer, but i would feel terrible because you have spent all that time and money to mod yours. I bet its a real power house now though.

Thank you for the advice, i sent a message off to Thorfire and await reply. Go figure 2 days ago they do another update, mine was from the 2016 update so 300 lumens max.

I don’t mind a bit…it would give me the opportunity to mod another one.

Actually that model you have (if it has the black tail button) put out way more than the advertised 300 lumen when used with a good low impedance 14500 cell.
They are just now rating the flashlight where is should have been.
Same thing happened with the S70.

The newest model simply has better mode spacing, reverse clicky and the killer Moonlight. Might have better tint also, I can not vouch as I do not have the newest version yet. Have many of the 1st and 2nd gen.

Neither are stellar on the AA but are very good on 14500.
Thorfire continues to listen to their customer base and improve. Very refreshing for a China manufacturer.

The 2nd gen. uses a 17mm driver.
Just got my S in today.
Great light, but at some points they are lacking QC (little issues with the name etching and anodization) and other little things, too thin orings for example and sloppy threads.
But that new driver is great and the tint got better, might be a 3B.

I played it safe and bought an Xtar protected 14500 for it so the output might be lacking a little. Glad they went with a reverse clicky personally, kinda wish i had waited a month before i ordered.

The driver in mine is smaller than the driver in my Convoy S2+. After looking at the driver in both very carefully, it looks like the TG06 driver might be around 2mm smaller.

Depends on the generation.
First was ~15mm, 2nd and S is 17mm.

So mine has smooth reflector of the second gen, but 15mm driver of the first……?

You’ll have to use a 17mm driver and file/sand it down to 16mm for it to fit.