Thoughts/Direction on a strong red hunting light

Good Evening. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to give me a hand in assembling a grocery list of items needed for a red Coyote hunting light. We are in need of a few new ones and I can’t bring myself to spend the $ that some of the big names want for their lights. What i am wanting is something that can be used as a scanning light. Looking for a setup that would provide a longer distance without going to too small of a pattern. I have a old handheld spotlight that works good but it is too bulky and the the battery life is awful. Would anyone have any ideas? or maybe a previous build that I could reference?


Same here. I’d rather build one myself. I’m not gonna help line up the pockets of those big names.

Hi jnag0207, and welcome to BLF!

Maybe both can take a look at the brands Odepro and the Brinyte! Both have zoomable flashlights that can be changed with “drop-in” with red or green leds!
Normally they can be mounted in riffles as well!

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Thanks for the reply! The Brinyte 158 looks nice. Anyone build one compatible for a better price? or build one bigger?

Go to the search bar and search hunting light, red light, or green light. These threads are started about one every two weeks. You can go with a zoomie or a reflector light. You could buy something like a Convoy C8(reflector) and just switch out the emitter for a total cost of $25 to $30. Zoomie would cost you about $10 more.

Thanks southland…headed there now

If you decide yourself for ODEPRO, this was posted some minutes ago: .
There’s a coupon to save some money $)

For a reflector light if you want an off the shelf solution the KDLIGHT C8-COLOR could work. Or even cheaper, this 502B .

If you need something more powerful perhaps you could build a triple using this host: , you will need to reflow the leds on the MCPCB. However the driver is 17mm, and i’m not sure a FET would work for a XP-E2 triple, something from led4power could work.

So how difficult would it be to take this Solarforce M3

And change the emitter to an XPE in red or green emitter?

I’ve not modded before, but would that be a good place to start?

Many of the hunting lights I have seen are actual Just the same light sold in china shops just with a fancy name.
This one I have with a white XR-E led.
The one being discussed in that thread is red. Although if it were mine I would use a different driver for more current and lumen’s.
Search google for HS-802, they can be had in different colors and all the accessories you might need.
There might be something better now that someone else might chime in on.
It might even be better to go with a simple drop-in light if one wanted to change colors without much hassle.
There’s lots of options for a drop-in.

Moderator007 I looked at the HS-802 and I think for 16.99 I’m going to order 1 and have a look…not sure what to expect on battery life though… It uses the 18650 batteries. Is there any certain rechargeable ones i should look for? or will any be fine?

Also does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on IndyArcher or ggf31416 ideas to make a more powerful one. Thanks!

I’ve built two types for some coyote hunting friends (I hunt, but not coyotes).

For a couple I’ve tweaked a B158 for more amps and used a high-binned XP-E2 (I think stock is just XP-E). It’s not real cheap, but since it’s a pill light you can also make up a red pill for dual duty. It’s also an aspheric if that’s your thing.

Guys also seem to like a C8 with an XP-E2 with a 2.1 amp driver. With those amps, make sure to use a DTP copper board. Convoy makes a decent remote switch to go with the C8 that can be handy if you like those as well.

Maybe someone can help me with another question. I got a extremly helpful email from mtnelectronics. He put a list together for me. My question on the driver needed.

UF-1504 host
XP-E2 red on 16mm
QLITE driver w/2 chips removed
Maybe xtra tailcap spring
5200mAh protected 26650

My question is when i go to the mtn site and search up the Qlite driver i get 2 choices. 1 is with a momentary swith and 1 is listed as led driver 17mm. Can someone help me figure which one i need? Would like to order this today as well. Thanks

Go for the normal one, not the momentary. There UF-1504 doesn’t have a secondary e-switch.

Great thanks! I wasnt sure and didnt want to get the wrong one

What kind of rifle are you going to use? I’ve built a few Convoy C8’s with XP-E2’s. If you are going to mount it on a rifle, that 1504 host is way too big in diameter for 1” mounts.

I was going to use it as a handheld scan light.

That light looks very bright! Did u do much to it other than the XP-E2

Just a common Convoy C8 host, with this driver minus two 7135 chips, and this emitter.

If all you are going to do is hand hold it, than that light richard recommended would be great. But if you want to mount it on a rifle scope, the C8 is a 1” tube.

I just built a couple with that exact config (Convoy C8) too and the coyote hunters loved it.