Thoughts on these 26650 bat's?

Found these, what do you guys think? I mean, it's got 4 stars over 19 reviews so they gotta be great!!!!

They should easily be 10 times better than say KeepPower's 26650 IMR since these are 8000mAh and the KP's are only 5000mAh and on top of that, these have short-circuit protection and the KP's don't. Best of all, they're $5 cheaper than a pair of the KP's, I mean any fool should easily see these are clearly better right?


Note 1: no, I don't have any affiliation with the company, nor is this a click bait

Note 2: for those who've known me for a while, patience grasshoppa, all will be revealed ^_^

My thought: Run away. I don’t fool around with batteries. I’ve not seen any 26650 8000 mAh at a trusted store, so I can’t trust what they put inside these so called “8000 mAh” batteries.


OH WOW THEY HAVE 6800mAh 18650’s TOO! :person_facepalming:

Take a peek here: C-26650 section @ Colaier Direct Sales Store

Along with many other quality branded cells, the popular LiitoKala (PLB) INR26650-50A at rock bottom prices. I see free shipping, must be sending the stuff labeled as kitchen goods or thereabouts.

This store's entrepeneur must be taking cost saving measures quite seriously. Look, here's a photograph of him riding his official company vehicle:

Cheers ^:)

added 12 of the 26650 to my cart.
147.00 shipping.

There is no doubt these are “cutting edge” batteries my friends!!!
I mean check out the image below………

This is bound to be the very first “Chia Pet Battery”. :wink:

I’ll bet that if you dig in a little deeper, there on Amazon. You may even find some 9000mAh - 26650’s, at a better price!

I would say you are probably 100% correct……

What I really do not understand is what the picture I posted above _(taken from HERE )…… of the battery looking like a “Chia Pet” is supposed to represent??

That pretty well baffles me…… :open_mouth:

its a “green” product.they coat them in glue and place them in the mowers discharge chute.
its just more scammy “green” marketing BS.
now that analyzing chargers are common how much longer can this go on?
looks like not much longer….

90A discharge current claim…

Just saw that over there: BestKalint IMR 26650 90A 4500mAh Li-mn Rechargeable Battery with Flat Top (2 pcs)

By Ohm's law:

R = V / I, for full charge voltage this means R = 4.2 / 90 = 46.67mΩ, quickly tapering under 45 because of the first initial voltage drop. Good high discharge cells have half that internal resistance, even those would barely meet maximum power transfer conditions.

These guys have less shame than this one:

Cheers ^:)

Originally posted on Sun, 05/07/2017 - 16:24; edited for a little clarification.

Well, at least they have one honest review listed there by "NLee the Engineer". Measured about 3600 mAh which makes a whole lot more sense.

Amazon is worse than eBay or AliExpress at this point...

Please give the guy a "helpful" on his review - let's encourage honest tech reviews.

Of course…. glue & the lawn mower discharge chute. :smiley:
It does seem as though people would wise up sooner than later…… :open_mouth:

Yeah, NLee told it like it is. :+1:

I just did my part supporting & encouraging his review also. :wink:


I can never figure why some people would want to save a few dollars on NO NAME,Unproven, Falsified and Potentially Dangerous TRASH!! :person_facepalming:

EDIT: Sometimes I wonder how people can even “believe” and post something like this! Are they that unaware? In your case I do not think so becuase you have some knowledge just by mentioning KeepPower.

I certainly think it could possibly be just wanting attention. :wink:


EXACTLY…… it continues to amaze me.

I stiil can’t past the “Chia Battery Pet” picture…. it just cracks me up everytime I look at it.

Of course I guess if one is going to sell fake batteries he might as well have a somewhat stupid picture to go with them. :person_facepalming: . :open_mouth: . :smiley:

This is TurboBB. See note 2 in the OP. He's been here on BLF since like day 1.


I saw that,so it must be to gain attention?!

Edit: In fact there is a post I made recently on a thread that has been dead for~ 7 months,More w/ be revealed on that motive also!!!

:open_mouth: …… Not “Family” business I hope. :wink:

Hi guys, so this was an attempt to educate an individual who left a nasty comment re: the KP's I used for a particular review. I responded mildly sarcastically re: "9800 mAh" batteries he referenced that were better and also forwarded him to HKJ's testing of various 26650 cells. He replies with another nasty reply referencing the above batteries that are 8000mAh (but the URL tells it all, he was in fact looking for 9800mAh 26650 bats...).

So my last reply to him was again mildly sarcastic that I didn't know a thing about batteries. Then I told him politely in all seriousness to post either on here or CPF inquiring about good 26650 bats and that he should even include the above link soliciting feedback. Went to sleep and woke up to find that he had replied with a really heinous and libelous comment which I simply can not ignore. I can deal with cursing and even trolls, but his false accusation which is so disgusting in nature (I can't repeat here since it's potentially becoming a legal issue) simply goes beyond what any sane decent human being would say. At no point did I reciprocate his nastiness, cursing so his unwarranted hostilities is simply unfathomable...

I initially posted this since given his totally belligerent nature, I was doubtful that he'd be sincere in educating himself, and I was going to reference this thread after collecting a few replies and inform said individual that the higher the number doesn't always mean that it's factual nor better. Even if he deems me a dim wit, surely he can see there are very knowledgeable folks on this forum.

Again, given the potential legal nature of this issue now, I'd like to kindly ask that we drop this thread. Apologies for causing any undue alarm, second guessing, etc. and it was certainly not my intention to be attention seeking.