thread for appreciation of OLD LUMENS

i continue to be amazed at justin….
i have been here less than a year…
and i really can’t believe the guy…

he has a bunch of youtube videos…
he will help anyone anywhere…
he sells great stuff at very good prices….
and all the stuff he gives away….!!!
he has a heart bigger than the internet….
what a great guy……
he makes the forum go boom….

thank you and happy holidays……

OL has done a lot of the “heavy lifting” on BLF lately. Quality all around.

… Justin!

Great guy for sure.
I won the C8 and it is a Great light that I’m very proud to be the owner of.

Thanks for everything you do for everyone here and I’m sure he does many good deeds outside of BLF :slight_smile:

I like reading his threads on his mods, and I also won a great knife from him, from these recent giveaways he generously swamped us with.

HI all I dont post much but this I felt strongly. If possible thru the internet OL reminds me of many of the seasoned machinists I had The Privelege of working with while I worked for Goodyear Tire and Rubber. I an no machinist but had enough experience in the shop to recognize quality work. OL definitely is an example of quality. I am especially thankful for his willingness to share so freely his knowledge and ingenuity as he approaches tasks and accomplishes them. The new c mag build is so so exquisite, That battery holder is a work of art. So a big THANK YOU to OL

New guy here. Been reading his posts for a while now. I thought he was just a impressive wealth of knowledge. Now I see he is a heck of a sport too. The give aways speak volumes for the mans character. Wish I had the knowledge and resources to do likewise. But wife & kids take precedence in my budgetary matters. Keep up the good work!

…kinda’ reminds me of the old ghost rider (Sam Elliott)/(Old lumens) tryin’ to help the kids (Nicolas Cage)/(rest of BLF members)…


yes, a big thanks to OL for his expertise and generosity!

The giveaways are valuable, sharing his techniques is priceless. Thanks, Justin.

His knuckles he's frequently bustin

In his head no cobwebs to be dustin

With each giveaway

He makes someone's day

He's a big-hearted man , our dear Justin

A worthy thread, thanks OL.

Thanks OL, for sharing your vast knowledge with BLF!!


You inspired me to start to mod ~ :beer:

Again, thank you for sharing your fruitful of knowledge & your generosity ~