ThruNite BLF Edition group buy (feeler thread)

ThruNite have asked if people here would be interested in a BLF edition flashlight made by them.

So this is a feeler thread asking if you would be interested, and if so what would you be interested in?

If there is enough interest I will ask for approval from sb56637 for a BLF Limited Edition ThruNite flashlight.

I love BLF editions! So depending on how well it suits my taste, I am definitely in! I know the other forum is getting one made too.

I think it heavily depends on which one, and what the “limited edition” exactly entails.

Is it just going to have laser engraving, or will there be other enhancements/options?

At the moment they are open for suggestions but keep in mind a brand new from the ground up design and construction will be expensive if they are only going to sell 50-100+ flashlights on here. BLF people will generally want a budget flashlight but its not totally out of the question.

Minor modifications to existing flashlights will be possible within reason as well.

This is more or less asking what you want as they don’t have anything in mind yet. If more people tend to agree on the same things then its pretty likely that is what the BFL edition will be if it has enough interest.

Sounds interesting but I guess it will be to expensive for many purchases. Not like the mini 01 or the A8 which were a steal for what they are.
But all depends what deal you can work out.

Nichia T10 to keep it affordable?

If it is reasonable I am in for one.

Hi, might be interested. Have you any idea if this would be a single Led or Multi?

Its undecided, it depends what is most requested.

My A8 is the biggest light I will likely buy, though I make bigger ones, so I’d vote for a small model. 18650, 2x rcr123, or smaller 14500. Not really interested in any alkaleak models.

Go big! TN31 XML2 Run at 4.5 Amps on highest level, flawless reflector and absolutely no glue on any of the treads so its completely user moddable. Sign me up!

A T10 with smooth reflector and a nuetral xpe2 :wink:
Archer 1a with a nuetral xpg2 or xpe2 would be pretty sweet

TN30 XM-L2 NW, since they don’t make it now.

I like the ThruNite lights I have so I’d probably be in if it’s something NiMH powered and the price is right.

This sounds interesting. Is someone going to make a poll/survey?

We might as well go for broke, a killer Torch: Yes a MT-G2 or SBT-70…

If they get it together on QC I’ll most likely be in.
I like the idea of an Archer(1A or 2C) in neutral XP-G2/XP-E2.

TN3x multi-emitter, along the lines of a TK75 (with throw and spill) and magnetic control;
Also ok for something light weight like the Archer or T10;


problem is that their flashlights already have good leds/drivers/UI, so there is not much to gain, unlike with the Trustfire BLF editions.

Unless they do something like this :

An Archer 1A with XP-G2-3C mounted on copper mcpcb, with an extra turbo setting at 3A (when using an IMR 14500).

(The body has enough aluminium to handle the heat for a while. But I would doubt they would do the effort to redesign the driver for 3A, let go using copper mcpcb's)