THRUNITE T10 2014 (XP-G2 R5, 1xAA, Clicky/Twisty)

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Battery: 1xAA (works with 14500 but the manufacturer does not recommend it)
Modes: Moonlight (0.2 lm), Medium (20 lm), High (169 lm). Memory.
Size and weight: 93.5mm x 19mm, 35.2 g
Price: 29.95 dollars.

The new Thrunite T10 comes in a nice metal box with accessories, a very attractive way to meet our new acquisition, ideal for gifts also undoubtedly the presentation is in keeping with the high quality of flashlight.

As you can see, a diffuser is included, a nice touch, I must also say that I had never tried either and I quite like the result.

In addition to the commented diffuser, comes with a o-ring replacement and a metal clip that besides being very aesthetic, looks sturdy and quality, this clip is attached to the flashlight with 2 screws, and includes the Allen wrench and 4 screws, 2 for replacement if we lose.


Let us now take a closer to finish and aesthetic look of the flashlight.

As you will appreciate the quality of finish is impeccable, the quality of the anodized with knurled grip makes is great, the indents in the steel head provide us very smooth Twisty changing modes.

The feel touch in the metal back button is very good.

Allows tail-stand perfectly stable.

The LED is perfectly centered, the rough reflector has no default and makes the projection more flood, Ideal for an EDC.

Here you can see how the flashlight is separated into 2 parts, head and body.

The threads are made perfectly, come oiled and ride is very smooth, which greatly facilitates the use of twisty.

Here you can see the positive and negative contacts on the flashlight.

Returning to the clip, as I mentioned, is robust and quality, I really like.

And the truth… it looks great in the flashlight.

It also serves as a stop for the flashlight don´t rolling around the table.

The diffuser, as I commented before, is a great detail from the brand, fits well, is fully seated and the projection that gives is ideal for illuminating a room, I imagine the Thrunite hanging from the top of a shelter tent and illuminating completely uniform, great.

For compare sizes, here you have with other AA, C78, New 898, Sipik clone SK68, SC01 SolarStorm flashlights.


In this case Thrunite opted for a dual operating system, you can use the back button or head to change modes and to turn off or turn on the flashlight. The operation is very simple, if you use the back button, a full press (sound of click) on or off the flashlight, a partial press (no sound) switch modes in ascending order (low-medium-high), we can also change modes doing 2 complete fast clicks with the flashlight on. The other option is the twisty (turn the flashlight head), screw in the head to turn on the flashlight (only on if the position of the back button is on), and unscrew and screw fast to switch modes, as I have mentioned, the twisty going very very smooth and fluid, it is very convenient to use, i am not fan to this kind of operation, but the Thrunite goes so smooth and easy that i like it, here you have a video in which I show the operation of the lantern:


The version that I analyze is the Cool White, i really like the tint of the T10, it is neither too cold nor too warm, I guess that goes for about 5000º K, has a very good projection, free of rings, with quite blur center spot, the moonlight mode is actually very low, and I was rather surprised that it has good performance in high mode with NIMH, but even more with lithium, the truth is that I think more than twice, you must pass the 400 lumens with lithium, so if it is heated with NIMH in high mode, with lithium better i don´t say anything.


Comparative high mode with Olight A3T (1xAAA) and SolarStorm SC01 (1xAA):

Comparative in low mode (moonlight) with Olight A3T:

I steeled myself and I put a 14500, here are some comparisons:

With Roche F6 in high mode:

With Roche F6 in mid mode:

With less exposure time, high mode with F6 and Roche SolarStorm SC01:

Comparison with / without diffuser:





Battery: 2400 mah precharged Duracell Duralock.
Mode: High.
Good intensity Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes.


Battery: 840mAh KeepPower.
Mode: High.
Battery Lifetime: 41 minutes.

Both tests were performed with external cooling (USB fan).


The Thrunite T10 is a great succesor of the original T10, introducing the back button while keeping the Twisty. Is true that the flashlight is something bigger, but I think that makes up for a lot with the new possibilities of Use the button which gives us. Also the aesthetic for my taste is much better. The quality of the flashlight is super. Everywhere you look, the quality is present. The presentation box is impeccable, including a diffuser between the standard accessories, that is very nice, and the performance and regulation is really good, it certainly is a very great EDC, totally recommended.

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Thanks for the great review. Nice pictures!

Thanks for your answer.

Really nice review!

Question: Are the modes still spaced the same with a 14500? (Is the moonlight still ~.2L?)

is that your bedroom those pictures were taken in??? If so, that is a lot cleaner than my room :frowning:

if you turn it off from back clickie, and you tighten the head, does it turn on? Because I hate the twisty and I only want to use the clicky.

Well done!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Nice review, thanks!

Yes , the modes still spaced with 14500 like with Nimh, and retain moonlight.

Is my room, yes :bigsmile:

And definitely yes, the flashlight turn on and off with the button if the head is tight, you can forget the twisty if you hate.

Thanks all for posting.

Than it is a great flashlight.

Great review sir!! The more I read about it the more I like it. The UI, the execution, the different material options, and the outputs make it just perfect!

Very nice photography. Good job.

Just ordered one in neutral white. Needed a backup for my D25a without all the crazy modes. This should fit the bill. Thanks for the review.

I agree. Very nice review, bravo! :slight_smile:

Any recommended online retailers for Thrunite products? Or is their own website competitive on price?

Got mine on Amazon and since I am prime member got it for $26.95 shipped. 1aa, neutral white.
Great light at a great price point.

great pics, its really trying to make me buy one of this each time i saw it

just asking about the pocket clip, is it titanium or just stainless covered with bead blast like coating?

hey nice review man, just wondering how much lumens the t10 gets on 14500 high?